Medical Information Form

Below is a link to a self-report form for you to fill in with details of your medical history. The information that you give will, of course, be confidential and the form will be retained by the College Nurse for consultation as required.

The information is very important in helping us to ensure that a student’s academic work suffers as little as possible from disability or ill-health. Even apparently minor problems can affect both term-time work and examination performance, and it is naturally in your best interest that the information you supply is accurate.

Please fill-in the online pre-arrival form only after your place has been confirmed. Please rest assured that security measures are in place to ensure that any information entered on this form will remain confidential.

Please note: if you are an undergraduate fresher, you will also have seen a link to this form on the Offer-Holders webpages. You only need to fill out this form once, so don’t complete it again if you have already done so.

Complete pre-arrival medical form