Our Coronavirus Guidance

So that we can ensure that all Members of the Churchill College community stay healthy and safe, things will look a little different when you next come to College. But you can find everything you need to know on our new Coronavirus Guidance page  From the latest research from the University to what you should do if you have symptoms, and from the provision of College services to minimising the risk of transmission, you'll find all the answers to your questions here.

The Postgraduate Office and Tutorial Team

The Postgraduate Office

The Postgraduate Office can be found just along the corridor from the Porters' Lodge. In the current circumstances, however, it's best to email. 

The Postgraduate Administrator, Rebecca Sawalmeh, will be available to help with adminsitrative tasks throughout your time at Churchill - from writing letters to help you open a bank account, to monitoring visas, to generally providing help and advice. 

The Postgraduate Office will also assign you a pastoral tutor. 

What is a tutor?

During your time here at Churchill, you will have a tutor. Tutors are concerned with your welfare and progress throughout your time at the Churchill. You should feel free to speak to your tutor at any time, and they should be your first point of contact for any matter concerning yourself and the College, or for advice or help on any personal or financial matter.

Tutors can also act as intermediaries in official relations between postgraduate students and the University. Academic problems are primarily the responsibility of your research supervisor or director of studies, but these matters are often also useful to discuss with your tutor.


You can meet the postgraduate tutorial team below

Rebecca Sawalmeh - Postgraduate Administrator

Rebecca Sawalmeh is the full time Postgraduate Student Administrator at Churchill College and can be found in the Postgraduate Office just along the corridor from the Porters' Lodge.

She is able to write letters to help you open bank accounts or apply for tourist visas, she monitors visas and passports for overseas students, she can offer advice on accommodation, adjusting to life in Cambridge, etc. 

If in doubt about anything, contact Rebecca. postgrad@chu.cam.ac.uk or call +44 (0)1223 336157. 

A photograph of Rebecca Sawalmeh, Postgraduate Administrator

Dr Liz DeMarrais - Senior Tutor for Postgraduate Students

Dr Liz DeMarrais is the Senior Postgraduate Tutor at Churchill College. 

Liz is an archaeologist with wide-ranging theoretical interests that include, most basically, material culture or 'things' and social relations in the human past. 

Research areas include the American Southwest, New England, Hawaii, and the Andes; my current research activity involves an exploration of heterarchy in the Andes.  Heterarchy is social organisation that involves networks and linkages that are horizontal, fluid, and often informal, rather than rigidly institutionalised in the hierarchical forms that we experience in modern Western society.   

In related research, she has explored the ways that craft production in the past might be differently organised in heterarchical settings, and she considered how art and other symbolic material culture might tell us about the experience of everyday life in heterarchical (smaller-scale) societies in the past.  

A photograph of Liz DeMarrais, the Senior Postgraduate Tutor

Professor Alex Webb - Postgraduate Tutor

Professor Alex Webb is a Postgraduate Tutor at Churchill College. 

Alex is a Professor in Cell Signalling in the Department of Plant Sciences. He obtained his BSc from Stirling University and his PhD from Lancaster University.

He is a leading expert on the mechanisms by which plants sense environmental signals and measure time. He runs a research lab investigating circadian signal transduction, with the goal of increasing food security through crop improvement.

Prof Webb teaches aspects of cell signalling in plants, animals and microbes, in all three years of the Natural Sciences Tripos. He supervises second year Cell and Developmental Biology and aspects of plant physiology in the third year.

A Photograph of Alex Webb, a Postgraduate Tutor

Dr Leigh Denault - Postgraduate Tutor

Dr Leigh Denault is a Postgraduate Tutor at Churchill College. 

Leigh is an historian and researcher at the University of Cambridge. She completed her PhD on the social, cultural and legal history of the family in colonial North India at the University of Cambridge ('Publicising Family in Colonial North India, c. 1780-1930'), Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, 2009).

Her current research focuses on conceptions of social welfare in twentieth-century India. She teaches world history, the history of the British Empire, the history of the Indian subcontinent from the eighteenth century to the present day, and population and development history in India.

A photograph of Leigh Denault, a postgraduate tutor

Dr Sally Boss - Postgraduate Tutor

Dr Sally Boss is a Postgraduate Tutor at Churchill College.

Sally is a Teaching Fellow in Inorganic Chemistry for the Department of Chemistry and teaches a summer course at the Institute of Continuing Education in Madingley.  

Her teaching duties include lecturing, demonstrating in the practical classes and small group tutorials for chemistry students from all four years of the Undergraduate Natural Sciences degree.  She encourages students to think laterally about the subject and to make connections between topics through collaborative discussion and linking theoretical chemistry work to practical sessions.   

A photograph of Sally Boss, a postgraduate tutor

Mr Barry Phipps - Postgraduate Tutor

Mr Barry Phipps is a Postgraduate Tutor at Churchill College. 

Barry is also a Fellow, Undergraduate Tutor, Director of Studies and Curator of Works of Art at Churchill College. He is Director of Visual Art at the Møller Centre, Cambridge. He specialises in Modern and contemporary British art, as well as having an interest in contemporary art across the Nordic regions.

Barry has an academic background rooted in Fine Art, as both an undergraduate and lecturer, as well as research degrees in Continental Philosophy (Warwick), History of Art (Oxford) and the History and Philosophy of Architecture (Cambridge). He was Interdisciplinary Fellow at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, where he conceived and organised a number of inter-disciplinary exhibitions. More recently, he has curated exhibitions at a range of leading galleries, museums and science institutes. In addition, he has devised and developed international artist associate programmes.

He is currently working on a major architectural project with Assemble, who received the Turner Prize in 2016. As well as publishing a book exploring the relationship between Winston Churchill and Modern Artists (forthcoming 2019). 

A photograph of Barry Phipps, a postgraduate tutor