Registering with a Cambridge Doctor

When you arrive in Cambridge, you must register with a local doctors' surgery. You may register slightly in advance of your arrival (using Churchill College as your home address), but you must only do this once you have met all the conditions of your offer (academic, financial, etc.) and your place is guaranteed.

Of the medical practices listed below, Huntingdon Road Surgery is nearest to Churchill. We recommend that you register with your doctor online where possible. 

List of Nearby Medical Practices


Huntingdon Road Surgery


Phone: 01223 364127

1 Huntingdon Road

For Available GPs, see: Huntingdon Road Team

Huntingdon Road Surgery

You can register with Huntingdon Road Surgery online. 

Register with Huntingdon Road Surgery

Please also see Huntingdon Road Surgey's information pages for Students.


Bridge Street Medical Centre


Phone: 01223 652671

2 All Saints Passage

For available GPs, see: Bridge Street Team

Bridge Street Medical Centre

You can request a registration pack for Bridge Street Medical Practice online.

Bridge Street: Join the Practice


Trumpington Street Medical Practice


Phone: 01223 361611

56 Trumpington Street

For available GPs, see: Trumpington Street Team

Trumpington Street Medical Practice

You can register with Trumpington Street Medical Practice online.

Register with Trumpington Street