HSPS caters both to students with a broad interest in the social, political and human sciences and to those primarily interested in one of the constituent subjects that it brings together, e.g. Politics and International Relations, Social Anthropology, and Sociology. The course is exceptionally diverse. Many undergraduates across the disciplines it encompasses choose to study a broad range of topics in their first year, before specialising as their interests develop. However, the course is sufficiently flexible to allow you to pursue a subject in depth from the outset.

Full details are provided on the HSPS website, and summarised in the University Undergraduate Prospectus.

Churchill would be an outstanding place for you to study HSPS. We have Fellows whose academic interests cover virtually all the constituent subjects of the course. In addition to our Teaching Fellows in HSPS, we also have College Teaching Fellows in allied disciplines, e.g., Classics and Geography, and good supervisors for other aspects of the course.

Ordinarily, we admit 6–8 HSPS students each year. The ratio of students to teaching staff is consequently favourable and the exam results of our students in recent years have been exceptional. The HSPS community at Churchill is diverse and friendly — its members (both lecturers and students) comprise a cosmopolitan group with varied backgrounds. They regularly interact both in- and outside supervisions.

The College has excellent facilities, including a well-stocked library. The Churchill Archives Centre is a wonderful resource for those interested in politics and international affairs, housing the papers of senior politicians (including Winston Churchill), civil servants, diplomats, military leaders, and scientists of the twentieth century. The Centre also regularly stages events and lectures of relevance to HSPS students.


For more information and for all admissions enquiries, please contact the Admissions Office.

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