Fees and costs

If you are going to study at Cambridge, there are three main cost areas that you need to think about — tuition fees, college charges and living expenses.

Tuition fees

UK students

Tuition fees at Cambridge are the same as most other universities in England.

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EU students

Cambridge University has confirmed that tuition fees for undergraduate EU students who start their studies in 2020 or earlier will be charged at the applicable home rate and that these students will not be subject to the overseas fee rate at any point during their course of study. All fees may be subject to increases, which may be annual.

The Universities Minister for England announced on 23 June 2020 that EU nationals (except Irish nationals living in the UK or Ireland), other EEA nationals, and Swiss nationals will no longer be eligible for home fee status for courses starting in the academic year 2021-22. 

For more information about EU tuition fees (2020 entry and earlier, or 2021 entry and afterwards), please see the University's International Fees and Costs webpage.

International students

International students and students who are not eligible for public funding (fee loan) are subject to both a course-dependent tuition fee from Cambridge and a college fee from Churchill. These will vary according to your start date.

Churchill’s College fee for students starting in 2020 is £9,500 per annum.

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College charges

At Churchill, all your College charges are billed termly. They cover your rent (if you live on-site) and any additional charges we may need to make, such as meal purchases, printing, and electricity.


Your rent includes central heating, internet access in your room, wireless internet around College, and use of catering services and other facilities (the gym, for example). Rents are determined annually, in agreement with student representatives. Each room is banded and rents currently range from £118.00 to £207.50 a week. Rent is normally payable for just 30 weeks, which covers the periods of residence dates set by the College.

Termly rent is normally made for a minimum of 10 weeks. If you accept a room in College, you will be liable for rent for the whole academic year. This does not include vacation periods, which are outside of the periods of residence. During vacation periods and subject to availability, it may be possible for you to remain in residence at Churchill, though not necessarily in the same room you have during term-time.

Additional charges

Other College charges that are billed termly include:

Every two weeks during term, you will be sent an email with a breakdown of the food and drink you have purchased in College using your university card, so you can keep track of your spending.

Advance deposit

Every student at Churchill is required to pay an advance deposit of £1,500 (approximately one term’s College charges) upon arrival. In return, you get a term-and-a-half’s credit. If you decide to live outside College, your deposit will be returned to you less a small retention to cover later College charges (meals, for example).

Living costs

The University has put together a useful guide to the estimated cost of living in Cambridge.

Cost of living in Cambridge

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Financial assistance

The University and its colleges are committed to the principle that no suitably-qualified UK student should be deterred by their financial circumstances from applying to Cambridge. Find out more from our financial support webpages, for applicants and current students.

Financial support (applicants)

Financial support (current students)