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The resources linked from this page are for our 2022 offer holders, to help guide you through the rest of our admissions process.

Please read these pages carefully. As in earlier stages of the admissions process, adhering to deadlines and engaging with necessary administration is really important, as you progress towards the beginning of your university education.

If any of the personal and/or contact details that you have previously declared in UCAS have changed or change between now and the end of August, you should update them first in UCAS then email the Admissions Office to advise. These are the details we will eventually use to register you as a student so it’s vital that they remain up to date.

Email the Admissions Office


This is an aide-memoire of upcoming deadlines but isn’t exhaustive so please double check your offer letters and the correspondence we’ve sent you since in addition to using this list.

30 June 2022

Upload Certificates For All Completed Qualifications

  • For all qualifications you’ve declared as complete on UCAS.

Upload UK Student Finance Breakdown

  • For home fees students who’re applying for fees and/or maintenance support from UK Student Finance.

31 July 2022

Complete Accommodation Survey

Upload Certificates For All Qualifications Included In Your Conditional Offer

  • For all qualifications other than A Levels, IB, Pre-U, SAHs, and STEP.

Health, Learning, and Wellbeing

If you have any needs relating to health, learning, or wellbeing, we want to work with you now to make sure they’re addressed from the moment you arrive. Full disclosure to appropriate staff as soon as possible is therefore very important, so any necessary arrangements can be made in a timely fashion.

Health matters should be reported to Jo Livingstone, the College Nurse, whereas issues relating to wellbeing can be discussed with Louise Ranger, our Wellbeing Coordinator. If you have support or access needs – ranging from specific learning difficulties like dyslexia and ADHD through to requirements arising from medical circumstances – please complete a Disability Resource Centre (DRC) “Student Information Form” immediately, even if you’ve not declared these previously. Prompt engagement with the DRC is especially important if you have received support and/or adjustments at school or college which you hope will continue at university, since the DRC will work with us and your Department or Faculty to provide you with the most suitable arrangements.

Finally, if you’re uncertain or have any questions at all, please email our Tutorial Office for advice and guidance.

Email Jo, College Nurse

Email Louise, Wellbeing Coordinator

Email the Tutorial Office

Disability Resource Centre Offer Holder Page, including Student Information Form


During the final months of our admissions process, we regularly circulate information that’ll be relevant to some or all of you. We know it’s easy for emails to get lost so we’ll upload this content here too, so you can always come here to check back through it.

23/06/22, FAO overseas students – pre-departure British Council briefings

  • In June, July, and August, the British Council is running briefings aimed at overseas offer holders at UK universities, plus their parents and supporters. Attendees will receive up-to-date information and advice on how to prepare for moving to the UK.
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Virtual Freshers' Pack

More information for 2022 entrants will be linked here from September.