Medical disclosure forms

As a full-time student you are eligible to use the National Health Service (NHS) in Britain. It is a University rule that all students will be required to register with a local doctor within the first two weeks of term. This will be arranged during Freshers' Week.

Medical records

You can find below a self-report form for you to fill in with details of your medical history. The information that you give will, of course, be confidential and the form will be retained by the College Nurse for consultation as required.

The information is very important in helping us to ensure that a student's academic work suffers as little as possible from disability or ill-health. Even apparently minor problems can affect both term-time work and examination performance, and it is naturally in your best interest that the information you supply is accurate. In no way can such information prejudice your academic career or general well-being — on the contrary, it can only help.

Please download and fill-in the pre-arrival form only after your place has been confirmed in August. For confidentiality reasons the College Nurse will not be allowed to accept these forms via email.

The deadline for you to return the form is Wednesday 4 September 2019.

Pre-arrival medical form

The form must be mailed to:

The College Nurse
Churchill College
Storey's Way

Useful medical information for students

Medical advice for students

Medical advice for Freshers

College nurse and surgery

Vaccine Checklist for Incoming Freshers


For all medical enquiries relating to incoming students contact the College Nurse, Jo Livingstone.

Email the College Nurse