Offer holders checklist

In order to confirm your offer at Churchill you will need to provide us with various details and forms. Our checklists will help you keep track of the information needed and their respective deadlines.

Information that should have been submitted already

If any of these are missing we would have contacted you so no need to check that we have received them.

All offer-holders:

Non-EU international students

Non-EU international students requiring a visa

Information that will be required in the coming months

You have already received an email from the Admissions Office requesting copies of all academic qualifications (e.g. GCSE, IGCSE, SQA, other qualifications e.g. A Levels, IB etc.) declared as completed on your application form (both UCAS and the SAQ). This does not include Duke of Edinburgh, musical or sporting achievements.

Please note: The Admissions Officer is NOT in a position to accept your copies attached to an email; they MUST be sent in by post

To whom this applies

What we need

By when

 All students with a conditional offer Copies of certificates for qualifications declared as complete - as detailed above.  Deadline 31 May 2018 to Admissions Office, Churchill College, Storey’s Way, Cambridge CB3 0DS



It is important that you keep track of the information needed and their respective deadlines using the various checklists below.