Academic conditions

Please double check that you have sent us the documents we need from the table below and that you have set in place the processes to obtain the others. Don’t forget to refer to UCAS for full details of the particular conditions that apply to you.

Academic Condition

To whom this applies

What we need

By when/whom

 UCAS examination offer conditions  All students with a conditional offer Notification of your final results Most UK results are provided to us through official channels. If you are not UK based please send us official confirmation when available. By 12 August 2019
 Narrowly Missed Offers Primarily students studying A Levels/IB who have narrowly missed their offer Details to follow - a copy will also be sent to your school so they are ready to help with this.  As soon as possible on Thursday 15 August 2019
 Other offers You will have been contacted by by email during April 2019 Evidence of results and copy of cover letter indicating evidence supplied Acknowledgement of email by 30 April 2019, results by 12 August 2019

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