CamGuides: A Pre-Arrival Course for New Students

21st August 2019


We are pleased to announce the launch of CamGuides!

CamGuides for Undergraduates focuses on providing useful information for all students aimed at the pre-arrival phase; the content has been informed by discussion and feedback from current undergraduate students, Directors of Studies, Supervisors, Tutors and librarians. And we've been receiving really positive feedback on it. 

CamGuides is intended for all students regardless of subject or college, and aims to inform and reassure you in equal measure. Much of the content encourages you to consider the types of information you will need for your studies and how you will find, evaluate, manage and use this information.

So, you'll be able to learn everything from how supervisions work, to how to use the libraries and reference your work, to how to find your way around Cambridge. 

Please note that Camguides is not compulsory and it is not intended that students follow it through prescriptively. 

But we hope it's helpful!