Offer Holders in French: Important Information

2nd September 2019


Please see a message from Dr Edmund Birch below.


For general information about the course at Cambridge, do consult the following website:

You will find information here about the different papers studied over the course of the first year.

In addition to your language work, you will take a first-year course which provides an ‘Introduction to French Literature, Linguistics, Film and Thought’. There are a number of set texts for this particular course, and it is important that you read (and in the case of Varda’s film, view) these before you arrive at Cambridge.

The topics studied over the year 2019-20 are as follows. It is recommended that you use the editions noted here.



Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Edmund Birch, August 2019

If you'd like to download this information in word document, click the link below.

Texts for French