Law introductory reading list

Introductory texts

If you are able to borrow copies of the books below in a library, they provide an excellent introduction to the study of law.

Subject matter reading

You will be taking the core subjects of Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Tort Law in your first year.  Included below are texts that will provide useful background reading for those subjects.  You do not need to purchase these books unless you can find cheap second-hand copies, since new versions of these books are, unfortunately, expensive. Ideally, if you can read through these books in a library prior to the start of Michaelmas Term, you will be well set for the term ahead.  Ideally, you should at least have a grasp as to what each of these areas of law entails from a general perspective.  Your supervisors, though, will, early in October, advise you on books for each paper, which may or may not include the books below.

Civil law

Constitutional law

Criminal law

Law of Tort