University Reading Lists and Resources

In addition to the Churchill-specific reading lists we have provided, the University has made a variety of resources available through Leganto. 

Please note, 

  1. Leganto lists work best accessed via Firefox and Chrome. (There have been reported errors when accessing the links via Safari or Edge)
  2. You should always use these original links. Copy and pasting the URL address which appears in your browser after clicking these may misdirect you, or fail. 

Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic






Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


Chemical Engineering (via Engineering)


Chemical Engineering (via NST)



Computer Science 









History and Modern Languages 


History of Art


History and Politics








MML French


MML Spanish beginners


MML Spanish post A level


MML German beginners


MML German post A level


MML Italian beginners


MML Italian post A level


MML Russian beginners


MML Russian post A level


MML Portuguese beginners


MML Portuguese post A level


 Natural Sciences (Biological)


Natural Sciences (Physical)




Psychological and Behavioural Studies


Social Anthropology



Veterinary Medicine