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In addition to Churchill’s College-specific academic preparation webpage, the University has made lots of resources available through our “Reading Lists Online” platform. Check out your subject in the list below.

To be clear, it is unlikely that you will be expected to read or buy everything that’s suggested. However, there may be one or two key texts that your Department or Faculty would like you to have access to before or at the start of term. You may also find resources that are freely available, and when you arrive in Cambridge then you will have access to the collections in both the College Library and other libraries around the University.

Some materials on these lists may require you to log in via a University account, for example, certain e-books and journals. In such cases, you’ll have to wait until later in the summer for your University account details, which will be made available in due course after all places are confirmed.

Finally, we’ve been asked to advise you please to use these original links, as given below. Copying and pasting the URLs that appear in your browser after you’ve clicked these links may misdirect you or fail to connect.


Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic



Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Chemical Engineering (via Engineering)

Chemical Engineering (via Natural Sciences)


Computer Science







History and Modern Languages

History and Politics

History of Art

Human, Social, and Political Sciences (Politics and International Relations) 

Human, Social, and Political Sciences (Social Anthropology)

Human, Social, and Political Sciences (Sociology)





MML (French)

MML (German)

MML (German ab initio)

MML (Italian)

MML (Italian ab initio)

MML (Portuguese)

MML (Portuguese ab initio)

MML (Russian)

MML (Russian ab initio)

MML (Spanish)

MML (Spanish ab initio)


Natural Sciences (Biological)

Natural Sciences (Physical)


Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

Veterinary Medicine 

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