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Churchill College endorses the Vice Chancellor's statement regarding the events surrounding George Floyd's death in the USA. Racism has no place in our community. Please read our statement here

Covid-19 Update

Due to the latest government update the College is now closed to all but essential staff. If you are a staff member and you need help with logging into the Staff Area with your Raven ID, please click here.

Information for teachers in our link areas (England) about visits to and from Churchill College

Our link areas in England are Sussex, Surrey, and the London Boroughs of Merton, Sutton and Croydon.

Visits from Churchill

A visit from a Churchill representative to your institution will provide information about Cambridge in particular and HE in general.

We work with students at Key Stages 4 and 5, and we're happy to deliver sessions that include parents and/or teachers. Our sessions typically last an hour per year group.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 will normally be given a presentation on why they should start thinking about the possibility of progression to HE. We will use Cambridge as an example of a particular HE institution. The presentation will be designed to raise aspiration and encourage applications where appropriate to selective entry universities. It will also include information and guidance on why choices of subjects to study at sixth form matter in terms of what can then be studied at university. If you feel that academically able pupils in Year 9 would benefit then this might be possible in consultation with us but it is not part of our normal offer.

Pupils in Year 12 will be given an introduction to Cambridge with some information and guidance on how to apply and what we are looking for in a strong application. It would be relevant for any pupils hoping to make applications to selective entry universities.

We will prioritise pupils in Year 13 for our September visits. We look at the application process in more depth (including Assessments, Interviews and Personal Statements) and give advice about what makes a strong application to Cambridge.

Whilst it is possible to present to a mixed group of Year 11 and Year 12 it is not ideal and will inevitably include some information which will be irrelevant for each group.

Please note that we don't normally send representatives to long events (more than a few hours).

We no longer ask for a stall at careers or HE fairs because experience tells us it is not effective for us. Where possible, however, we can send a representative to deliver an hour-long information session at such events.

We plan most of our visits for the coming academic year during the previous summer term. If you are not on our link area mailing list then please be in touch so that we can make sure you receive the visit booking questionnaire (usually sent in mid-May).

For more information about visits please contact us:


Visits to Churchill 2019–20

A visit to Churchill normally lasts from 10.15am to 12.45pm.

During this time, we will provide a talk on Cambridge admissions; a tour of Churchill with one of our undergraduates; and a free lunch for all attendees!

We work with students at Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5. We set aside a number of fixed dates for visits to College. If you are not on our link area mailing list then please be in touch so that we can make sure you receive the visit booking questionnaire (usually sent in mid-May).

For more information about visits please contact us.


When you visit College, please make sure that teachers and staff remain with the pupils at all times. Your pupils' visit is to a working College which is set up for study and research. There will be students studying here during the hours of your visit and there will also be other events and visitors at the College and Archives Centre. We ask that all visitors are respectful of the College environment and atmosphere and are not overly noisy.

Changes to the Programme from Previous Years

We will no longer provide an afternoon programme and this means we will not organise a tour around a second college. Feedback has suggested that although some groups have enjoyed this feature of the day, what is most valued is the quality of advice given in our presentations, the chance to meet undergraduates, sample the food and view accommodation. Many groups would value the flexibility to arrange the afternoon around their group’s timings and travel requirements.

You can arrange second college tours through other colleges' Schools Liaison Officers. Most colleges prefer groups under 25 (including staff numbers, and staff must be in attendance with the group). Details can be found by searching on college websites. Note that if you want to bring a larger group to Churchill it will be more difficult for you to organise second college tours.

List of colleges

It is also possible for you to arrange events with departmental outreach officers and again these can be arranged through contacts found by searching departmental and faculty websites.

Undergraduate courses

There are also programmes offered by the museums of the University, which include:

Museum school visits

At Churchill, you will also be close to the American Cemetery at Madingley and you can arrange by contacting them.

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