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Geography at Cambridge

All societies rely on their relationships with each other and on the physical environment. Increasingly these are fragile interdependencies presenting intellectual and practical challenges of the highest priority which are central to the problems of modern Geography.

The Cambridge geography course is one of the most diverse undergraduate degrees. It emphasises the interactions between the human and physical sides of the discipline and consequently requires both breadth of ability and flexibility of approach. As an undergraduate geographer, you'd be encouraged to engage actively in the intellectual and practical challenges of the subject. During your first and second years, you'd be required to study both physical and human geography, but you can specialise in the third year if you wish.

Full details are provided on the Department of Geography website, and summarised in the University Undergraduate Prospectus.

Geography at Churchill

If you're interested in both the human and physical sides of Geography, we'd be keen to encourage you to apply. Churchill takes up to five Geography students each year. Dr Alice Reid is our Director of Studies (DoS) and there is one other Geography Fellow. This lets us get to know you and focus on your development as an individual.

During your first year, supervisions would be organised by your DoS. In your second and third years, supervisions would be organised by the Department. Churchill's library is well stocked with a range of books for geographers, and the Department has its own library with an extensive holding of books and journals. With a lively and supportive community of geographers Churchill boasts an active society that holds regular talks and dinners.


There is no single combination of subjects that is especially good for potential geographers. Our teaching programme is broad enough to encompass lots of primary interests, whether you prefer humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, environmental sciences, or any combination of these. You don't even need to have studied Geography at A Level or IB, although many of our students have. If you are particularly interested in contemporary human or historical Geography, then Economics, English Literature, History, and Sociology might be helpful. If you're interested in physical Geography, then Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics and Physics can be useful supporting subjects. However, at Cambridge, we wouldn't distinguish you as a human or physical geographers, in terms of your subjects studied.

Subject pre-requisites

Essential Highly desirable/useful
No specific subjects An arts/science mix is useful

For details about potential A Level and IB offer conditions in your target degree, see our Typical Offers webpage and select your course from the University's Course Listing homepage then check out the "Subject Requirements and Typical Offers" link in the Entry Requirements tab.

For other qualifications, see our Typical Offers page.

Admissions assessment

We do not use a common format written admissions assessment in this subject, before or at interview.

Written work

We will ask you to submit two examples of teacher-marked written work on any relevant subject.


If called, you will ordinarily have two interviews, before one of which you will be given time to read an article which will then be discussed.

You may be asked about your current studies, what you read, your personal statement and project work that you have done at school. We may initiate a discussion on something that engages your interest. Finally, you will be given a chance to ask any questions you may have concerning our course or Cambridge in general, and to tell us of anything else you want us to know about yourself, or discuss with us.


For more information and for all admissions enquiries, please contact the Admissions Office.

Admissions Office

Image: Earth's City Lights © NASA

Fellows in Geography