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Management Studies

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Management Studies at Cambridge

Five years after graduation many Cambridge students have management responsibilities. If you feel that your career might be in management then you should consider reading Management Studies in your final year at Cambridge. The Tripos is open to all third and fourth-year undergraduates, but the number of places on the programme is limited. It provides an opportunity for Cambridge undergraduates to develop a thorough understanding of the activity of management in an intellectually rigorous fashion.

Learning about management can seem esoteric for someone who has never experienced a career job, yet it provides a very broad palette of subjects, and of approaches to learning and the real world, that will find their uses not only in professional situations, but in organisations wherever you find them.

Full details are provided on the Judge Business School website, and summarised in the University Undergraduate Prospectus:

Judge Business School

University Undergraduate Prospectus

Management Studies at Churchill

Management Studies is not an 'entry subject'. People who do Management Studies normally do it in their third year at Churchill, having studied some other subject for the first two years (which could include anything from Anthropology to Social and Political Sciences - and not least Engineering).


For more information and for all admissions enquiries, please contact the Admissions Office.

Admissions Office


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