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MML Student testimonials

Churchill LinguistsChurchill Linguists

Rosie Sargeant

"Although Churchill is often (wrongly) regarded as a 'science' college, the provision for Language students is exceptional. We’re lucky enough to have some of the leading names in the Faculty as our tutors and Directors of Studies, which means the quality of teaching and support is first-rate. If ever I have a question or problem, they have always gone out of their way to help me. On top of this, the College language community is close-knit and I have a great relationship with my peers on both an academic and social level. We’ve stayed in regular contact during our Year Abroad (definitely the highlight of being a Languages student!) and, sorry as we will be to return to academic life after a year’s hiatus, Churchill is such a warm and friendly college that we will be glad to be reunited again.

As is to be expected, studying Languages at Cambridge is certainly a step up from A Level, but everyone understands this and would never let you struggle unaided. I have particularly enjoyed studying considerably more literature than we did at school and feeling more ‘in touch’ with the countries in which the languages I study are spoken through reading contemporary articles, considering topical issues and watching current programmes and films. I could never have imagined that in such a short space of time I could cover so much ground – from medieval poetry to modern-day film – and continue to find studying languages so fascinating. Modern and Medieval Languages is such a wide-ranging course that there is certainly something for everyone – in fact, most of us have found it difficult to choose where to specialise because everything sounds so interesting!

Lastly, I think a Languages degree is a particularly good choice of degree discipline because students become exceptionally well-rounded and cultured, especially after spending a year in another European country. Having worked during my Year Abroad, I feel I have an advantage over many of my peers, many of whom will first experience ‘real life’ outside of university once they graduate. In my experience, language students tend to be some of the most diverse, mature and considerate people, and I feel that these traits are cultivated by the stimulating nature and variety of the course taught at Churchill."

Alexandra Mawhinney, 4th year French and Spanish student

"I have thoroughly enjoyed studying MML at Churchill. The course is varied and the content is both engaging and stimulating. The quality of the teaching is very high and supervisors are always supportive and encouraging.

Churchill College is an excellent place to live and study-everyone is so welcoming and friendly and there are a range of activities and sports available to suit all tastes! I have been very lucky to be able to study here and I would have no hesitation in encouraging anyone interested in languages to study MML at Churchill."