Typical offers

Conditional offers

As at all Cambridge colleges, conditional offers from Churchill are stretching but achievable. Our normal academic offers are usually made on qualifications you sit at the end of your secondary or high school education, at the age of 17 or 18, though they vary according to the subject you apply for and are set according to the qualifications you present. In broad terms, we use these terminal qualifications because research has shown that post-16 examination performance correlates strongly with performance at university. The most complete study is available on the National Archives Website. A more recent study is available from Cambridge Assessment.

Our typical offers in a number of qualifications are set out below but it is important for you to understand that we set offers individually. For example, we may set slightly higher conditions if we are interested in making an offer but need additional reassurance about your ability and potential. We do this because we believe it is in your best interests to be given the benefit of the doubt and receive an offer, rather than not.

In practice, successful Churchill applicants tend to exceed typical Cambridge offers in their final exams by one or two grades. For more information about the academic strength of Cambridge entrants, see the University's Application Statistics page.

Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP) Mathematics

At Churchill, all offer-holders in Mathematics and Mathematics with Physics will typically be asked to achieve 1 in each of STEP Mathematics 2 and 3, in addition to their high school qualifications. Churchill rarely sets STEP conditions for other courses.

English language

If English is not your first language, it is essential that your English skills are good enough to undertake a fast-paced, challenging academic course that is taught and examined in English. At our discretion, your offer may therefore include an English language requirement in addition to academic conditions. In such cases, we normally ask for IELTS with an overall score of 7.5 and at least 7 in each of the four components, achieved in one sitting. We occasionally require other English qualifications, including TOEFL (in which our standard offer is 110 overall with a minimum of 25 in each of reading, listening, speaking, and  a minimum of 27 in writing). You do not need to have achieved our offer level in IELTS or any other English qualification when you apply.


If you are classified as an overseas student for fee purposes, any offer you receive will require you to produce a satisfactory financial guarantee that you can pay your tuition fees, College fees, and living expenses for the full duration of your course. These conditions will vary according the course you apply for and your fee status: see the University’s International fees and costs page for more details. As with academic conditions, your place cannot be confirmed until we have received your financial guarantee.


You should be aware that some universities outside the UK may require you to commit to places (and pay non-refundable deposits) before you will be in a position to meet all the conditions of your offer at Cambridge.

UK qualifications

The qualifications normally presented by UK-based applicants include:

A Level

International Baccalaureate


Scottish Advanced Highers

Welsh Baccalaureate (Advanced)

EU and international qualifications

At Churchill, we welcome applicants from outside the UK. EU and international qualifications that are acceptable for entrance to Cambridge are listed on the University’s EU and international qualifications page — please review that page and Churchill’s relevant Subject page for requirements in your chosen course. As a general rule, we are looking for students whose academic record places them in the top 1.5 or 2 percentiles nationally of ability and achievement.

Some of the EU and international qualifications we see regularly at Churchill, and the conditional offers we normally make in them, are:

College Board Qualifications (APs and SATs)

French Baccalaureate

German Abitur

Hungarian Erettsegi

Romanian Baccalaureate

How to apply

EU and international qualifications

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