Welfare and accessibility

Pastoral support

Members of Churchill are part of a caring community. As a student here, you will have access to the very best academic support, but you will have a number of people looking after your personal wellbeing too.

Personal Tutor

Each undergraduate at Churchill has a personal Tutor whose job it is to keep an eye on how you are doing, with a light touch. Like your Director of Studies (DoS), he or she will meet you at the beginning and end of each term to check that everything is OK, though you can contact your Tutor at any time if any particular issues are bothering you. Upon graduation, Tutors will often act as referees for job applications or further study.

Wider support

In addition to your DoS and Tutor, there are lots of other people you can turn to for advice and help on non-academic matters. College staff will assist and advise on a wide range of issues. The College Nurse copes with minor physical ailments and is a sympathetic listener, whilst the College Counsellor offers a professional and confidential counselling service if you are experiencing any personal problems or difficulties.

Churchill also has a strong student peer-support network. During your first year, you will be allocated 'parents' (students from other years) to help you find your feet and settle in. The undergraduate student body includes several Welfare Officers, who are available to listen and assist with any issues — big or small. They run a weekly open door drop-in service where you can chat about anything that is worrying you over coffee, tea, and biscuits.

All staff and students are encouraged to keep an eye out for anyone experiencing difficulties and ensure appropriate help and support is provided.


Detailed information about our provisions for students with disabilities are available from the University Disability Resource Centre.

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