Music Sizar

“The Music Sizar is expected to foster the musical life of the College. In doing so they will seek to involve as many musicians as possible, including students, fellows and other College members. In performing the duties involved the Sizar will work closely with the Director of Music-Making (DoMM”).

“The Music Sizar will take active steps to seek out and encourage musical talent inside the College, and be responsible for ensuring adequate publicity for musical events. The Music Sizar will, as appropriate, liaise with musicians at other "Hill" Colleges to support, for example, The Orchestra on The Hill. The Sizar is a member of the Music Committee and should be thought of as the Committee member with the primary responsibility for initiating and organising musical activities in the College, with the support of the Committee members”.

What this actually involves:

For more information, or an application form, see the college website.