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Who we are

The Music Society Committee is made up of students and staff from the college, and is responsible for organising all the music society's activities. We always hold at least two meetings a term, usually at the beginning and end. In addition, a number of social events are held.

The current committee is:

Sizar: Rebecca Doherty - music.sizar@chu

Junior Treasurer: Simon Lichtinger (sml68)

Recital Coordinator: Sam Bradford (sjb308)

MCR Rep: Vikram Sundar (vs456)

Jazz Rep: Simon Lichtinger (sml68)

Publicity Director: Holly Robertson (hmr42)

Twitter: Holly Robertson (hmr42) and Jacqueline Siu (jhys2)

Facebook: Rebecca Doherty (rd555)

Secretary: Thea Fennell (tgf25)

Webmaster: Sam Ainsworth (sa614)

Organ Scholars: Pearl Eagling (pe272) and Alice Ertl (aee34)

Accompanist Bursar:

Equipment: Jocelino Rodrigues (jr699)

Social Secretary: Adrian del Ser (ad895)

Director of Studies in Music: Delphine Mordey (dmm36)

Senior Treasurer/Director of Music: Ewan Campbell - music.director@chu

To contact any of these members other than the Sizar or DoM, append "" to the text in brackets.

If you'd like to help out, new committee members are always welcome - just email the Sizar (music.sizar@chu).