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Bursaries and Sizarships: 2012-13

Hello fellow Churchillians,

The time has come to consider the fabulous music bursaries we have on offer here at Churchill; we have them for instruments and voice, as well as separate choral scholarships.

We are also looking for people interested in being the College Accompanist, to accompany Churchill Choir on Piano, and a College Choir director.

For any of the roles above, you can read more about them and find applications forms here.

...but wait, there's more! If you'd be interested in controlling the entire musical scene of the college, then the Music Sizarship would be perfect for you. You can read more about Sizarships and find applications forms here.

If any of you are reading this and thinking of applying for any of these, please do consider it some more and send off an application; the deadlines are on the links above.

Submitted by Sam Ainsworth on Thu, 2012-10-04 16:51.
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New webmaster required!

Hi all,

Since I'm graduating this summer, the music society will need a new webmaster next year. The site is very simple to use and I'd be happy to demonstrate how to create and edit content and so on. If you're interested, drop me an email at or send a message via the contact form.


Submitted by Admin on Mon, 2008-04-14 18:08.
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New Cambridge music society

CUML (Cambridge University Music Link) is a society for all Cambridge musicians whatever standard, instrument, genre or ambition. Our aim is to help musicians get together for setting up bands, playing, performing, writing and just having a damn good time.

CUML is the place for you to advertise for band members and organise meeting up with musical people. The point of CUML is to be what YOU need it to be. It's a space for musicians who want something outside of competitive music groups, who may have an interest in contemporary music or genres not covered by other societies.

We will have an email bulletin soon to keep you posted about gigs in Cambridge both for your listening and performing pleasure; this would include open-mic nights and acoustic gigs for all you budding performers! Socials coming up soon too!!

Check out our facebook group at:

Submitted by Admin on Mon, 2008-04-14 17:47.
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Fairhaven Singers Concert

Just received this - student price is £7.50

Fairhaven Singers Concert

Saturday 26th January 2008 at 7.30pm

West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge

The Fairhaven Singers are joined by The Cambridge Philharmonic orchestra for a thrilling concert of English music conducted by Ralph Woodward. The programme opens with Parry’s wonderful Blest Pair of Sirens, described by Vaughan Williams as the greatest piece of music ever written by an Englishman. Then stunning mezzo-soprano Olivia Ray will sing Elgar’s evocative and romantic Sea Pictures.

The second half consists of Midwinter by rising star Will Todd. Soprano Sarah Blood and baritone Mark Oldfield are the soloists in this passionate and lyrical cantata telling of the miraculous birth of a child in the snow.

Tickets cost £15/£12(concessions) and are available from the Corn Exchange Box Office, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, tel: 01223 357851, or on the door.

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 2008-01-17 21:24.
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Cambridge Szeged Society concert

I've just received the following in an email:

We hope you will have members interested in attending our Concert on 19th January.

Local Pianist Marie Noelle Kendall & Pal Banda 'cellist with the Allegri quartet play a selection of pieces for their instruments.

Our first cultural event of 2008 continues from our November (2007) celebrations of 20 years of twinning with our Hungarian sister city, and reminds us of the contribution made by Hungarian music to the 20th Century.

We look forward to meeting your members - and would be grateful if you could display our attached poster.
With Thanks,
Julia Seiber Boyd
Chair, Cambridge Szeged Society

The following additional information is attached:

7 pm on 19 January 2008

The Queen’s Building
Emmanuel College

Marie Noelle Kendall (piano) & Pal Banda (‘cello)


Beethoven - Sonata in A major (op. 69)
Kodály - Sonata for ‘cello and piano


Seiber - Phantasy for piano & ‘cello
Brahms - Sonata in E minor (op.38)

Tickets:- £10 advance booking and concessions

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 2008-01-13 19:37.
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Committee changes

The music sizar for 2008 is David Burgoyne and our new treasurer is James Brady. Contact details may be found on the 'Who we are' page.

Submitted by Admin on Fri, 2008-01-11 14:26.
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Webmaster's update, March '07

Apologies for the website outage! Richard and I have been trying to move it to a web server within college and this has caused more problems than we'd anticipated. Anyway, if you're reading this, we're now back in business - start by clicking the 'About CCMS' link to find out more about the society. For committee members and other interested parties, here's a quick summary of the things you can currently do with this site:
  • If you're a committee member, ask me for an account and you can then edit the information and add new pages as required. The process of requesting accounts will no longer be required once Raven authentication is set up (see below). Also note that it's now safe to enter your email address anywhere on the site - a clever scrambler will make sure it's not harvested by spammers!
  • Click the 'Contact' link to send a message to the society. You can also view people's profiles (for example, mine) and send messages to individual people.
Some other features that will come later (as soon as possible):
  • A nice theme (hopefully this weekend)
  • An IE-compatible theme :-(
  • Raven authentication (ucamraven.module -
  • Facility for creating 'events', and a system for inviting people to them (flexinode.module, event.module, rsvp.module...)
  • Audio downloads! (audio.module? perhaps restricted to registered users to save Richard's sanity?)
Some other possible additions:
  • A photo gallery?
  • A forum? (This would require some critical mass, as an unused forum would look bad!)
  • More detailed user profiles, with information on attended ensembles? (possible privacy issues)
I'd appreciate some feedback on this plan, especially the last section. Let me know by commenting on this post or by using the contact form to your left. Also... some of the information in the 'about' section is out of date, such as the list of bursars. Could someone please update this? I don't have the relevant details.
Submitted by Admin on Wed, 2007-03-14 22:14.
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