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CIMACC 2012 Symposium and Concert

Submitted by Sam Ainsworth on Thu, 2012-08-02 13:34.
2012-11-02 08:30
2012-11-02 19:00
Churchill College

The Centre for Intercultural Musicology is pleased to announce that the biennial CIMACC Symposium Concert will be held on Friday 2 November 2012 at the Music Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge. This year’s Symposium is themed ‘Cross Cultural Music Encounters.’

Several eminent academics, composers and practitioners have been invited to participate in the symposium.The keynote speaker is Professor Nicholas Cook from theUniversity of Cambridge. Other invited presenters include John Ball, Joshua Dickson and Diana Blom. John Hopkins will chair a plenary session on the topic of ‘Intercultural musicology as a field of study’, rounding off with a Q & A session. A summary of the presentations will then be posted on the CIMACC website as online resource materials.

In addition, participants will also get an opportunity to play ethnic percussion instruments led by a traditional master drummer. The symposium concludes with a concert which includes traditional music from Malaysia presented by the UiTM Performing Group. Hosted by the Churchill Music Society, the concert is a part of Churchill College’s contribution to the 2012 Cambridge Festival of Ideas programme and will feature the first performance of a new work entitled ‘Dreams and Nightmares.’

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Submitted by Sam Ainsworth on Thu, 2012-08-02 13:34.
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