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Webmaster's update, March '07

Submitted by Admin on Wed, 2007-03-14 22:14.
Apologies for the website outage! Richard and I have been trying to move it to a web server within college and this has caused more problems than we'd anticipated. Anyway, if you're reading this, we're now back in business - start by clicking the 'About CCMS' link to find out more about the society. For committee members and other interested parties, here's a quick summary of the things you can currently do with this site:
  • If you're a committee member, ask me for an account and you can then edit the information and add new pages as required. The process of requesting accounts will no longer be required once Raven authentication is set up (see below). Also note that it's now safe to enter your email address anywhere on the site - a clever scrambler will make sure it's not harvested by spammers!
  • Click the 'Contact' link to send a message to the society. You can also view people's profiles (for example, mine) and send messages to individual people.
Some other features that will come later (as soon as possible):
  • A nice theme (hopefully this weekend)
  • An IE-compatible theme :-(
  • Raven authentication (ucamraven.module -
  • Facility for creating 'events', and a system for inviting people to them (flexinode.module, event.module, rsvp.module...)
  • Audio downloads! (audio.module? perhaps restricted to registered users to save Richard's sanity?)
Some other possible additions:
  • A photo gallery?
  • A forum? (This would require some critical mass, as an unused forum would look bad!)
  • More detailed user profiles, with information on attended ensembles? (possible privacy issues)
I'd appreciate some feedback on this plan, especially the last section. Let me know by commenting on this post or by using the contact form to your left. Also... some of the information in the 'about' section is out of date, such as the list of bursars. Could someone please update this? I don't have the relevant details.
Submitted by Admin on Wed, 2007-03-14 22:14.
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