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Cambridge Szeged Society concert

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 2008-01-13 19:37.

I've just received the following in an email:

We hope you will have members interested in attending our Concert on 19th January.

Local Pianist Marie Noelle Kendall & Pal Banda 'cellist with the Allegri quartet play a selection of pieces for their instruments.

Our first cultural event of 2008 continues from our November (2007) celebrations of 20 years of twinning with our Hungarian sister city, and reminds us of the contribution made by Hungarian music to the 20th Century.

We look forward to meeting your members - and would be grateful if you could display our attached poster.
With Thanks,
Julia Seiber Boyd
Chair, Cambridge Szeged Society

The following additional information is attached:

7 pm on 19 January 2008

The Queen’s Building
Emmanuel College

Marie Noelle Kendall (piano) & Pal Banda (‘cello)


Beethoven - Sonata in A major (op. 69)
Kodály - Sonata for ‘cello and piano


Seiber - Phantasy for piano & ‘cello
Brahms - Sonata in E minor (op.38)

Tickets:- £10 advance booking and concessions

Submitted by Admin on Sun, 2008-01-13 19:37.
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