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 John Antcliffe Archives By-Fellowship 

With the very generous assistance of the John Antcliffe Fund, applications are invited for a sponsored Archives By-Fellowship.

The project supported should be concerned with the political, economic or social history of the 'Thatcher era' (approximately the period 1975-1997). The Archives By-Fellow's research must make extensive use of papers in the Churchill Archives Centre, including the Thatcher papers and related collections.

John Antcliffe

John Antcliffe (1961-2010) won a history exhibition to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Conservative politics were a passion of his from a very young age. He served as Chairman of the University Conservative Association in 1981 and stood at the Greenwich by-election in 1987. He pursued a successful City career at NM Rothschild, and was centrally involved in the privatisations of the 1980s.

John Antcliffe speaking with Margaret Thatcher and William Hague. Image: Churchill Archives Centre

He remained active in political life. In particular, he had the utmost respect for Margaret Thatcher: she marked her high regard for John by attending his memorial service. He also took a close interest in political history. Shortly before his death, he republished  the Times Guide to the House of Commons of 1910, with an introduction in which he told the story of the 1910 election.

For more information please contact the Director of the Archives Centre.

Director of the Archives Centre

Archives By-Fellowships 

Archives By-Fellowships are open to researchers engaged in academic projects at a post doctoral level or at a more senior level.

Applications are made to the Archives Committee which then makes recommendations to the Fellowship Electors of Churchill College. Applications will be judged on the quality and promise of the research project.

Applicants must submit a summary of their research project, along with a full CV and publication list. They will be required to nominate two referees, and to have those referees forward references to the Director of the Churchill Archives Centre. The By-Fellows are awarded on the recommendation of the College Archives Committee. The deadline for applications for the next academic year is 31 December this year.

For more information please contact the Director of the Archives Centre.

Director of the Archives Centre

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