Committees and Responsibilities 

There are a number of different types of College Committees.

The JCR is the College undergraduate student union. The MCR is the name of the postgraduate student union. Each has an elected committee, and are responsible for a range of functions from organising events to representing student views on College committees. SCR represents the Fellows, who are also represented on College committees. Read more about the JCR, MCR and SCR.

College committees can make some decisions amongst themselves but may refer other decisions for approval to College Council. You can find out more about how College Governance works, including the roles of Council and Governing Body, on our Governance page.

College Committee Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates 2023-2024

Meeting Dates 2024-2025

Committee NameRole/area of focusFrequency of meetings
Archives CommitteeSupervises the work of the Archives Centre and makes recommendations to Council. Proposes Archives By-Fellows and speakers for the annual Roskill Lecture and supports the Director of the Archives Centre in the running of the Centre.Termly
Audit and Risk CommitteeConsiders the reports of the College's external Auditors, and makes recommendations to Council. The Committee also reviews the College's central, strategic Risk Register.Twice per year
CouncilThe College's trustee body. Fellows, Officers, staff and students. ConsideFortnightly within term
Combined Common Rooms Finance CommitteeThe Committee manages grants and support to College clubs and societies.Termly
Education CommitteePolicy and strategy on education (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and admissions, as well as outreach and widening participation and the role of Tutors and Directors of Studies.Termly
EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) CommitteeThe Committee makes recommendations to Council on strategy, policy, and the promotion and monitoring of equality, diversity, and inclusion and related issues throughout the College.Termly
Estates CommitteeOversees the maintenance/upkeep and development of the College’s property and grounds and the management of major projects such as new buildings and infrastructure development.Twice per term
Ethics and Reputational Risk CommitteeThe Committee acts as a sentinel and review body for ethical issues that might arise from the College’s activities and advises the Council on the current reputational risk exposures of the College.Termly
Fellowship ElectorsElects certain types of Fellows and By-Fellows (other than those elected by Council), such as Visiting By-Fellows, Overseas Fellows, Junior Research Fellows and Senior Research Fellows.Termly
Finance CommitteeReviews the financial affairs of the College and advises the Council on all aspects of College financial policy.Termly
Governing BodyThe College's body of Fellows. Admits new Fellows, elects Fellows to Council and Fellowship Electors and oversees general matters of the College management which do not go through the trustee body. Twice per term
Hanging CommitteeThe Committee manages the hanging of the College's art collection, including paintings and sculpture displayed throughout the site.Termly
Health and Safety CommitteeManages the College's compliance with H&S legislation, monitoring testing, inspections and accidents and overseeing the regular review of policies and procedures.Termly
ICT CommitteeThe Committee manages computing -related issues in College, and overall IT strategy and security.Quarterly
Investment CommitteeThe Committee manages the investment of the College's endowment, advising the Council on investment policy, developing and implementing the College’s investment strategy, and adhering to our Responsible Investment Policy.Termly
Library CommitteeSupports the Librarian in considering strategy and day-to-day matters for the running of the College Library.Termly
Management Advisory CommitteeConsiders non-academic staffing and pay.Termly
Remuneration CommitteeConsiders academic stipends and salaries.Twice per year
SCR CommitteeThe SCR Committee oversees the management and activities of the College’s Senior Combination Room, from considering nominations for Dining Privilege or Associate SCR Membership; High Table dining arrangements; the planning of various special events for Senior members; and certain College Feasts, such as Founder’s and Benefactors’. Termly/twice per term
Staff Consultative CommitteeCommittee representing college non-academic staff interestsTermly
Student Facilities CommitteeConsiders student-focused issues such as catering and housekeeping, and the provision of facilities available to undergraduates and postgraduates.Termly
Sustainability CommitteeThe Committe's aim is to support the College to become an institutional leader in the development and introduction of sustainability, and to bring together College wide expertise in the area of sustainability including carbon foot printing, carbon reduction and offsetting, development and installation of green technologies. Termly
Tutorial CommitteeThe Committee focuses on the pastoral care and wellbeing of the College's students and day-to-day issues affecting the student body and Tutors.Termly