Churchill Review

The Churchill Review is an annual publication.

The latest Churchill Review is available to read online.

Churchill Review 2022

The 2022 annual review of the year includes:

The 2022 annual review starts with an editorial and the Master’s foreword and includes:

  • Reports from College Officers (the Senior Tutor, the Senior Postgraduate, the Bursar) and from other key figures at Churchill (the Churchill Archives Centre’s Director, the Development Director, the Estates & Development Director, the MD of the Møller Institute).
  • College Events; Student Life articles; Features pieces.
  • A Going Forward section about the Development Office’s endeavours; Friendship & Fellowship giving Alumni’s news.

Plus: Spotlight on the 50th Anniversary of the Admission of Women to Churchill College, Focus on The Arts at Churchill College and much more.

If you’re an Alumni and want to receive a hard copy of the Churchill Review, let us know.

Review 2022 cover


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