Lost alumni: 2006–11 matriculation

The following is a list of College members for whom we have no email or postal address to invite them to this event, or have reason to believe the address we hold may not be current. If you are in touch with any of them and think they would like to be sent information about their Reunion Dinner, please ask them to contact alumni@chu.cam.ac.uk with their current contact details, or to update us using our update form. Please note that in order to comply with GDPR legislation, we cannot record contact details you provide for other alumni without their prior consent.

Dr Aqib Aslam, Past By Fellow
Michael Tetreau, G06, Past Fellow 00

Dr Ismael Bailleul, Past By Fellow
Philip Brennecke, U07
Dr Tiago Cavalcanti, Past Fellow
Professor Sooyoung Chang, Past Overseas Fellow
Dr Ivan Coluzza, Past Fellow
Dr Paul Dicken, Past Fellow
Dr Juliane Kaminski, Past Fellow
Apirat Kongchanagul, G07
Steve Lee, G07
Stephanie Marchesseau, G07
Dr Kate Peters, Past By Fellow
Dr Prem Poddar, Past By Fellow
Pascal Porcheron, U07
Dr Oliver Welzel, G07
Kaifei Yu, U07

Thomas Anderson, Past By Fellow
Professor Enrique Bocardo-Crespo, G08
Dr Juliane Engelhardt, Past By Fellow
Bence Pasztor, G08

Professor Graeme Day, Past Fellow
Terto Kreutzmann, G09
Galimira Markova, G09
Dr Geoff Parker, Past By Fellow
Dr Deborah Sanders, G09

Dr Emmanuel Defay, Past By Fellow
Dr Davinder Gill, G10
Georgiana Keate, G10
Dr Manooch Salehabadi, Past By Fellow
Pengyu Wang, G10
Di Zuo, G10

Dr Richard Child, Past By Fellow
Dr Katharine Hubbard, Past By Fellow
Ulrike Kuechler, G11
Francesco Nappo, U11
Professor Vladimir Pechatnov, Past By Fellow