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Dr Emmanuela Bonglack 

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Emmanuela completed her PhD with Professor Micah Luftig at Duke University (Durham, NC, USA), developing a novel targeted therapeutic strategy to treat lymphomas caused by Epstein-Barr Virus and related viruses, which often have limited options for treatment in the clinic. As a 2022 Schmidt Science Fellow in Professor Mike Inouye’s lab in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, she is crossing disciplines to integrate multi-omics and advanced statistical methods to study the role of iron-deficiency anemia in cardiometabolic diseases, in ancestrally diverse global populations. Emmanuela’s interest in global health developed during her PhD and as a result of her growing up in Cameroon, where the negative impacts of poor health infrastructure and limited resources could be seen all around. Given the growing burden of chronic diseases and the high prevalence of iron deficiency in LMICs like Cameroon, Emmanuela hopes her research will advance our understanding of the unique factors that drive chronic/cardiometabolic diseases in diverse but underrepresented regions/populations