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Dr Irene Zorzan 

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Postdoctoral By-Fellows,

Irene completed her Bachelor and Master degree in Molecular Biology, and a PhD in Molecular Medicine at the University of Padova. In her PhD project, she developed an improved methodology to increase the efficiency of conversion of adult cells, such as skin cells from our body, into pluripotent stem cells using an innovative microfluidics system. This novel approach enables to investigate new molecular mechanisms underlying human pluripotency and led her to identify novel regulators of pluripotency.

For her Postdoc, she joined the Rugg-Gunn Group at Babraham Institute in July 2021. She then got a Postdoctoral by-Fellow at the Churchill College in January 2022. Her specific curiosity is how epigenetic regulators instruct the very earliest stages of human embryo development, specifically during the first two weeks of human development which is a crucial window for successful embryo growth and implantation into the maternal uterus. The overall aim of her research is to dissect the epigenetic regulation underlying specification and development of the human placenta.

Babraham Institute