Making a Gift

From its foundation in 1959, Churchill College has depended on the generosity of Members, Alumni and friends.

Generous gifts have enabled Churchill College to become a world-class centre of excellence in scholarship, teaching and research, and to provide bursaries, scholarships and financial support to those who most need and deserve it.

You can give us a gift to use in the area of most need, or you can select a particular project or fund you want to support. For more information about the areas we are fundraising for, you can view our current projects.

Gift Aid - UK Taxpayers

If you are a UK taxpayer and you make a donation, the College can claim back extra money from the government through the Gift Aid scheme, making your donation worth even more. We can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give us, at no cost to you.

Plus, if you pay higher rate tax, you can reclaim the difference between basic and higher rate tax on your donation, via your tax return – saving you money.

Gift Aid Form


Gift Aid Example
How your gift can give more:
Your contribution is £100.00
Total contribution after charity has reclaimed tax £125.00
If a higher rate taxpayer, you can reclaim additional tax of £25.00
If a top rate taxpayer, you can reclaim additional tax of £31.25

Tax efficient gifts outside of UK

European residents

Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) is a collaborative giving scheme offered by a partnership of European foundations. Donors (both corporations and individuals) resident in one of the participating countries can offer financial support to non-profit organisations in other member countries.

Beneficiaries get the tax advantages of their country of residence. The scheme currently applies to donations to Churchill College in the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Spain.

To find out more please visit the TGE website. Alternatively, contact the Development Office or call +44 (0)1223 331660 for more information.

US Residents

If you are resident in the USA, you can make a tax-efficient gift to College through CAMBRIDGE IN AMERICA (CAm). To find out more please visit the CAm online resources.

Canadian Residents

The University of Cambridge is recognised by the Canadian Revenue Agency as a prescribed institution under Section 3503 of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations. We can send you a receipt for Canadian tax purposes on receipt of your donation, if requested.  Please contact the Development Office or call +44 (0)1223 336240 for further information


Schemes supported by companies

Payroll Giving Schemes (UK)

Under the Payroll Giving Scheme, employees can authorise their employer to deduct charitable donations from their pay before calculating Pay As You Earn tax. This means that the employee automatically gets tax relief on donations at his or her top rate of tax. There is no limit on the amount that can be given under the scheme. To find out more about payroll giving, please contact your Human Resources or Personnel department.

Gift Matching Schemes

Many companies now operate gift-matching schemes. When an employee makes a gift to a registered charity, the company matches this donation (in full or in part). To find out if your company operates such a scheme, and to obtain a copy of their matching gift form, please contact your Human Resources or Personnel Department.

If you would like to increase the value of your support of Churchill College, please discuss the Matching Gift scheme with your employer.

Tax-efficient Gifts by Companies (UK)

When calculating their profits for Corporation Tax purposes, UK companies can get tax relief on gifts of listed shares and securities to Churchill College. UK companies no longer deduct tax from their donations, but simply pay the College the full donation and claim tax relief when calculating their profits for Corporation Tax.

For further information about how companies can help Churchill College, please contact the Development Director.

Donations of non-cash assets

We welcome gifts of listed shares and securities which attract relief from Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax. Gifts of land or property made during a donor’s lifetime attract the same tax incentives as gifts of shares, and other forms of non-cash gift (such as works of art, books, manuscripts and equipment) may also be considered as gifts to Cambridge.

To donate shares to the College please contact the Development Director on 01223 336197.

The process of donating shares can take a few days as we need confirmation in writing from the donor and to our brokers, Charles Stanley, in order to make the shares transfer from the donor account to the College’s share account. Our normal practice is to sell shares upon transfer though we may retain them in exceptional circumstances- to enquire please contact the Development Director, as above.

  • Higher rate (40%) taxpayers are able to claim income tax relief equal to 40% of the value of the gift.
  • Highest rate (45%) taxpayers can claim income tax relief equal to 45% of the value of the gift

Any UK listed shares and securities can be donated provided they are approved by our Ethics Committee. The extra advantage is that a donor can claim capital gains tax even after having used CGT relief elsewhere, as well as income tax relief.

Illustration of the tax benefits of donating shares

Value of sharesAmount of income tax relief you can claimCost to youCGT relief you can claim (beyond annual exempt amount)Value to Churchill
Basic rate taxpayer (20%)£1,000£200£80010% of capital gain£1,000
Higher rate taxpayer (40%)£1,000£400£60020% of capital gain£1,000
Additional rate taxpayer (45%)£1,000£450£55020% of capital gain£1,000


Giving through a Will is often the simplest and most affordable way of supporting the College. Gifts by legacy of any sum and to support any aspect of its life and work are always welcomed.

It is very easy to set up a legacy via a codicil to your Will giving either a specific amount or a percentage of the value of your estate. Legacies need not be large to make a difference – many such gifts are 1% of the total value of the donor’s Will – and you can write a gift into your Will at any time.

Churchill College is a charity, which means that for UK tax payers any gift in a Will or codicil to a Will comes out of any inheritance tax liability. There is also a provision which further reduces the rate of inheritance tax on the whole estate from 40% to 36% if 10% of the estate is given to charity.

Leaving a Legacy


For more information please contact Development Office:

Fran Malaree, Development Director T: 01223 336197

Hilary Stimpson, Development Officer T: 01223 336240

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Churchill College is a great success story and one in which all Churchillians can be proud. By giving today you can support our students and make a positive impact in their lives and through their works, a positive impact on society.

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