Dr Anna-Maria Kypraiou grew up in Athens, Greece and joined Churchill College in 2019 as a Fellow and Lecturer in Engineering. She now has responsibility for the academic life of undergraduate students reading Engineering at both Churchill and Murray Edwards in her role as Director of Studies and is extensively involved in a variety of activities that bridge academic, research, industry and student engagement.

Alongside her teaching and research, Anna-Maria’s advisory roles at Churchill extend to mentoring, optimising building performance, and leading decarbonisation efforts that are helping to drive through real change. As Anna-Maria explains, the environment at Churchill has provided the ideal environment to apply her expertise, “Churchill College is a pioneer in the adoption and implementation of innovative solutions toward achieving net-zero whilst achieving the highest levels of sustainability. Being part of such an exciting ecosystem of world class academic research, excellent governance and a pioneer in the promotion of STEM equality, is the highlight of being a Fellow at Churchill College.”

An accomplished figure in Engineering, Anna-Maria demonstrates extensive expertise in Mechanical, Chemical, and Aerospace Engineering, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and combustion. Her scholarly pursuits have led to significant contributions in gas turbine engines, internal combustion engines, acoustics, thermoacoustics, porous media, energy systems, and experimental techniques. Additionally, her work encompasses energy flow optimisation, machine learning, theoretical and numerical modelling, underpinning her pioneering influence in sustainability and distributed energy management.

Read on to find out more about Anna-Maria’s research and inspirational work at the College!

What is your specialist research area?

My research focuses on fuel consumption reduction in maritime transport, developing energy optimisation strategies in the maritime industry, as well as on the development of hydrogen technology. My research also focuses on the development of scientific methods to analyse and optimise building performance and the use of new technology methods to evaluate occupant well-being. My previous roles include project management for industrial projects, consultancy, and engineering solutions in the energy sector, reflecting my comprehensive skill set in transforming theoretical knowledge into practical applications. As a scholar, I have contributed to the academic community by tutoring in various engineering subjects, including Aerospace Engineering, Thermodynamics, and Combustion. I have also been involved in extensive research and outreach activities, highlighting my commitment to fostering the next generation of engineers and promoting gender equality in STEM fields.

How is your advisory role as a Fellow helping drive forward the College’s decarbonisation efforts?

I advise on the decarbonisation and sustainability plans for the College’s Estates Team to help optimise building performance. I am developing and implementing advanced strategies of monitoring and control of energy using the existing infrastructure which is predicted to achieve more than 30% reduction in carbon emissions without any significant investment in equipment or new infrastructure. I designed the system that optimises our convective storage heaters in Churchill staircases by using EyeSense technology in a manner that uses the same heating system but has advanced control to create an innovate system that is superior to conventional heating systems.. EyeSense is a distributed energy management system that monitors and controls energy usage in rooms that was developed, manufactured and assembled as part of my company Eyesea Green Limited.

I also foster collaborations with industry partners and engage students in research projects and creative workshops, while also guiding them in programming and navigating industry-academia interfaces. I also supervise Churchill College students to develop innovative solutions in the fields of sustainability and decarbonisation in areas such as building thermal and comfort optimisation and reduction in food wastage.

Do you have any future plans in this area?

As Churchill College Fellow and CEO of Eyesea Green Limited, I aim to be at forefront of developing technologies aimed at reducing carbon emissions while enhancing living standards. My academic, leadership and entrepreneurial skills are instrumental in my focus on environmental and energy solutions.

What do you like most about the College?

What I like most about Churchill College is its dedication to academic excellence and innovation, reflected in its diverse and dynamic community of scholars. The College’s strong emphasis on STEM subjects and its supportive environment for research and development foster a culture of inquisitive learning and ground-breaking discoveries. Moreover, the commitment to inclusivity and the provision of opportunities for all students, regardless of background, ensures a rich educational experience. The College with its excellent facilities is designed to encourage collaborative learning and intellectual growth, which is vital for both personal and professional development.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, the exploration of the culinary arts is something I am quite passionate about. It represents a fascinating journey through flavours, techniques, and the heritage of various cuisines. The fusion of different culinary traditions isn’t just about mixing ingredients; it’s an art form that respects and understands the history and essence of each cuisine. By combining elements from different culinary worlds, new experiences emerge that can highlight the best of all cultures. This serves a way to capture my love for travel and experiencing new cultures and environments.

What are your long-term career aspirations?

My long-term career aspirations focus on driving impactful change in the field of sustainable energy and environmental engineering. I aim to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in technologies that reduce carbon emissions and enhance living standards, while also maintaining a strong commitment to education and mentorship. My commitment to education would remain at the core of my long-term objectives. By fostering the next generation of engineers and promoting diversity within STEM fields, I will work to ensure that the industry continues to benefit from a broad range of perspectives and expertise.

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