The College is delighted to announce the next round of ISLA Award Cambridge at Churchill College winners! A total of seven awards were made following a competitive application process. The winners each received financial awards.

The ISLA Award initiative is designed to support and encourage current and future Churchill students of Black Caribbean and/or Black African descent. You can find out more about some of the latest winners, including their reaction to winning one of the awards.

I think the award is a fantastic opportunity to encourage current students from underrepresented groups to excel as current Cambridge undergraduates (or offer holders). I feel as though the award also inspires prospective students of similar backgrounds by showing that their hard work can pay off, and to aim highly both in academic and social contexts.

ISLA Awardee Mikan McDonald (U23 NatSci)

Meet ISLA Awardee Tayvon Folami (U23 HSPS)

I am extremely grateful to have received the ISLA Award. I think it is a fantastic initiative that helps recognise some of the many achievements of Black students, ensuring that they feel supported and acknowledged within the college community.

Life at Churchill has been one of the major highlights of my time at Cambridge, as the atmosphere is incredibly relaxed and extremely welcoming, thanks to the amazing staff and my fellow students. This has created a warm environment around College that really allows you to feel comfortable in being yourself, which is important given the academic nature of Cambridge life.

Meet ISLA Awardee Leila Perret (U23 ChemEng)

I am so pleased and grateful to receive the ISLA Award from College. It is schemes such as this which support, empower and encourage young Black students. I hope that my own journey and those of the other award winners inspire students to take risks and succeed in both an academic and extra-curricular manner!

Studying Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology is rather intense, but Churchill’s calm environment and the support I have received from both staff and friends is invaluable. Churchill’s warm and welcoming atmosphere is the aspect of my time here that I will cherish most.

Meet ISLA Awardee Lily Archer (U21 MML)

I am very happy and grateful to have won this award, as it will help support me in my studies and academic life this year.

I think this award is important because it supports an underrepresented and marginalised community, allowing all students to participate fully in College and University life. It also encourages prospective Black heritage students to apply to Churchill, which could help increase representation of this community at College.

As a French and Spanish student, I am currently on my Year Abroad studying in Málaga, after which I will be undertaking a summer internship at Linklaters commercial law firm. I am very grateful to my College supervisors and Directors of Studies who have supported me in my academic work, allowing me to pursue such exciting opportunities, and I look forward to returning to College life in October for my final year.

The ISLA Award Cambridge at Churchill College

This project was originally crowdfunded in the summer of 2021 by over 50 donors including alumni, current students and friends of the College and friends and supporters of alumna Imani Jeffers (U15) who conceived the project. A total of 23 awards have now been made to current students and offer holders in addition to this year’s co-hort.

We are so proud to celebrate the ISLA students, and the diversity of background and thought that they bring to College life. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 4 years since ISLA began. I am continually grateful for the support from our donors, past and present, and hope the awards can continue to celebrate students for many decades to come.

Imani Jeffers (U15)

It’s not too late to support this initiative with a gift via the College’s online donation page by selecting ‘Other’ from the drop-down list of funds and noting ‘ISLA Gift’ in the comment box. Any additional support we can secure will help to build and strengthen the impact of this award.

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