Congratulations to 2nd year Churchill Engineering student Jamie Price who recently won £1,000 in the CodeMaster Cambridge competition!

CodeMaster Cambridge is a competition run by the technology company OBSS. Similar events are held at other top universities including Oxford and Imperial College London. The competition consists of three programming questions over 4 hours in a typical competitive programming style event. The competitors had to develop some code to solve each question and were awarded points for correct solutions. Each event had prizes for the top three students, with an additional prize for the top performer across all universities.

Jamie has a keen interest in programming and software development and taking part in competitions provides an engaging way to hone his skills. He participated in CodeMaster last year and was absolutely delighted to achieve third place in this year’s competition, having worked hard to improve his programming skills recently, “It was really satisfying to see my work pay off and inspired me to keep improving and learning more about software development.” Jamie is always looking for more events that put his programming abilities to the test and will definitely be competing again in next year’s CodeMaster competition!

One of the most valuable experiences Jamie had in relation to this year’s success in CodeMaster was his recent summer internship at NCG CAM, a small computer aided design software company in Cambridge. He also credits skills he has learnt through his Engineering course at Cambridge.

I was able to learn a lot about software development during my summer internship and had a lot of experience working on programming concepts that were new to me. I also think that the Engineering course at Cambridge has so far provided me with the ability to solve problems quickly and think outside the box, which is really useful for competitive programming.

Jamie really enjoys the openness of Churchill and particularly values not needing a keycard to get into the College! Looking ahead, Jamie is interested in developing a career in the Aerospace or Software Development industry and would also like to travel and work abroad at some point.