Financial assistance for postgraduate students

University Funds

The University holds a range of funds, including government funds, to support postgraduate (Advanced) students with financial problems and to support those who need additional support because of disability or because they are a parent of a young child, for example.

University postgraduate funds

Departments and research groups may also have funds to help students who are over-running their PhD: you should speak to your supervisor as soon as you believe that you may find yourself in this situation.

College Funds

Hardship Funds

In the College, you should talk to your Tutor about how your problems may be solved. Possible sources of help include the College Hardship Funds, which are administered by the Endowment Grants Committee.

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The College has limited funds for this purpose and so help can only be given to those who find themselves in financial difficulty because of an unforeseeable change in circumstances.

Conference & Travel Grants

For students presenting research at a conference, and for Medical Electives,  please download the application form.

Application form

Small Grants Fund, Tizard Fund & Masters' and Fellows' Opportunities Funds

Advanced Students can also apply for College grants from the Small Grants fund, Tizard fund and the Masters' and Fellows' Opportunities Funds.

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