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Covid-19 Update

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Funding for Travel Abroad

Hugh Grigg in Dali, Yunnan, China on a bicycle in front of snow capped mountains

Undergraduate travel grants


Travel grants are currently postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Applications for travel grants are invited from undergraduate members of the College proposing to travel, especially during the Long Vacation.  It must be noted that travel grants are only awarded to students NOT in their final year of study, and you must provide evidence that suitable travel insurance is in place for the trip. 

Student travel reports

Travel grants are allocated by the Tutors. They mostly draw on the College Endowment. Other College funds for specific purposes – the Tizard Fund for instance — can sometimes also be employed by the Tutors to support travel. Last year awards ranged from £100 to £400.

A grant is normally made only once to an individual during his or her undergraduate career. This is usually for travel in the Long Vacation, but the Tutors are also willing to entertain exceptional applications for academic-related travel during Christmas and Easter Vacations.

The Tutors will exercise their judgment and discretion but are likely to prioritise travel that is for academic or intellectual purposes or which is likely to bring benefit to disadvantaged people, especially in the developing world. All interesting and worthwhile travel will, however, be considered. We also pay attention to the care and thoughtfulness with which an application has been prepared, and to its detail, especially its budgetary detail. Joint applications are acceptable. We usually receive rather more applications than we have funds for, so applicants are likely to compete with one another.

Academic travel in connection with your subject will be considered for a grant only if it is optional – i.e. not compulsory within your course. (Funding for compulsory travel within University courses is the responsibility of Faculties and Departments, not Colleges.) That it is optional must be explained in your application. Please note that we do not preclude optional additional travel that you are appending to compulsory travel in connection with your course. The sort of academic travel that we might fund includes, for instance, optional dissertation or project work.

There are no application forms. Applicants should write a detailed but to-the-point letter explaining and justifying their plans and including a budget. This should be sent to the Tutorial Office. In addition to our general travel fund, we have some more specific funds, as follows:

Martin Le Cornu Fund

There will be one or two substantial grants specifically for travel in developing countries.  Preference may be given to proposals likely to bring benefit to the people or environment of the countries concerned. 


Please apply to the Tutorial Office for travel during the Christmas Vacation by the end of November, for travel during the Easter Vacation by the end of February, and for travel during the Long Vacation by the end of April. Applications cannot be considered after these dates.

 It must be noted that travel grants are only awarded to students not in their final year of study.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a report on their travels in the term after their return, and prizes will be awarded for the best reports; a joint report on shared travel will be accepted but the authorship of the report must be stated and any prize will be awarded only to the author(s). Reports from past years are available in the Library. The best reports include well-written text and often photos/images. The maximum word/picture limit is 2000 words and 10 pictures. There is no lower word limit but you should produce more than a dutiful minimum.

Please email your application to the Tutorial Office, or bring in a hardcopy. 

Email Churchill Tutorial Office

Other College travel grants


Gladstone Memorial Trust

The Gladstone Memorial Trust offers six or more Travel Awards of up to £500 each for undergraduates in their first on second years.

Gladstone Memorial Trust

Churchill College Chapel Society Trust 

Travel Grants for Summer 2020

The Chapel Trustees have a small fund to provide for the award of a number of bursaries for undergraduates and postgraduate students of Churchill College. The bursaries are to assist with the cost of some specific travel, ideally having a religious connection. Awards will be made in the region of £200 and the Trustees will request a short account from travel bursary holders at a Chapel service during the Michaelmas Term 2021. In recent years awards have supported trips to Kenya, the Holy Land, India, and refugee camps in Uganda.

These bursaries are independent of College travel grants and it is perfectly acceptable to apply for both.


To apply for a bursary, write a single document of no more than 2 A4  pages giving details of the itinerary, purpose and approximate cost of the travel. This document should not contain your name or any other identifying information, so that the trustees can discuss applications anonymously. Send it as a PDF or Word attachment to the Chairman of the Trustees, Dr Martyn Johnson, to arrive no later than 4 May 2020. You can expect to hear the result of your application by 26 May 2020.

Dr Martyn Johnson

Other University Travel Funds include:


University Travel Funds



You should also be aware of the existence of the Donald Robertson Travel Fund based in Trinity College, but open to undergraduates (other than final-year undergraduates) from any College. This Fund is intended to help you to take strenuous open-air holidays during the Long Vacation either in the UK or abroad, preferably among mountains. Application forms are available from the Great Gate Porter's Lodge, Trinity College; you should also ask your Tutor to send a supporting letter to the Secretary of the Trustees, The Donald Robertson Travel Fund, A1 New Court, Trinity College. The closing date varies each year, but is generally around the first Monday in May. 

Travel Reports

Previous recipients of the College's travel grants blog about their experiences abroad.

Europe Trip 2018: Ben Tatman

Eight days visiting Germany and Copenhagen.

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This is Africa: Alice Edney

Stepping out of the aircraft the heat hit me. ‘This is Africa’ I thought.

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Vets Go Wild: Luke Yates

South African experience in working with large game and wildlife.

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