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Small grants

Financial support for sporting activities, musical and drama tours etc. or to support good ideas.

Small grants are made by a Committee consisting of the MCR and JCR Presidents, the Bursar, and another Fellow. Such grants (up to a maximum of £350) are usually made for sports or similar expenses where the student is representing the University or playing at national level, or for specific events or travel which are related in some way to the student's College/University activities.

Applications should be made via the Small grant form below giving details of which team you are playing for and the expenses you are incurring, and a signature from the Senior Treasurer verifying the amount claimed. A student may only be awarded one grant in each academic year.

The availability of other sources of support for such activities, e.g. the Hawks Charitable Trust, and the Ospreys should also be noted, and the Small Grants Committee will wish to know that any applicant for their funds has explored the possibility of getting funding from these other sources. Note that, according to the advice on their Website, Osprey Bursaries are available only to teams, and apparently not to individuals. Similarly, the CCRFC only supports College clubs and not individuals. Applications to the Hawks Charitable Trust and to the Ospreys need to be made by the end of the Michaelmas Term.) You can find further information about sports bursaries on the University website.

University Sports Bursaries


Application forms are to be submitted to Sharon Knight 2 weeks prior to the end of term.

Small Grant application form 

Email Sharon Knight

Financial support for other activities which might be considered as 'new opportunities'.

The College has a number of funds, administered by the Endowment Grants Committee, from which small grants may be made to undergraduate students for a wide range of worthwhile projects on application to the Bursar. These Funds include the:

Tizard Fund

Tizard Fund arises from donations made by alumni in memory of Dick Tizard, a former Senior Tutor, 'offering grants to any Churchill College student to investigate, research and implement new and radical ideas and opportunities for the furtherance of knowledge, learning and understanding.'

Masters' and Fellows' Advanced Student and Undergraduate Student Opportunities Fund

Masters' and Fellows' Advanced Student and Undergraduate Student Opportunities Fund arises from donations made by present and former Masters and Fellows to support and encourage the work of students of the College. The scope of awards is broad.


Applications, in the form of a letter including anticipated costs, should be made to the Bursar by the start of each term.

Email the Bursar