Covid-19 Update

Due to the latest government update the College is now closed to all but essential staff. If you are a staff member and are unsure about your status, please remain at home and contact your head of department. If you need help with logging into the Staff Area with your Raven ID, please click here.

Undergraduate vacation study grants

Undergraduates taking essential courses in the Vacation may be eligible to receive financial support from the relevant Faculty or Department.

In the context of Vacation Study, it would be appropriate to mention some grants given by organisations other than Churchill for work, particularly scientific work, carried out during the vacation:

The H.E. Durham Fund

The H.E. Durham Fund (King's College, Cambridge) which provides small grants for medical/biological research. Each year, usually sometime in March, the following notice normally appears in the Cambridge University Reporter. If you intend to apply for an award, you should check for details in the Reporter:

'The Administrators of the H. E. Durham Fund give notice that small grants may be made for the purpose of advancing, improving, or disseminating knowledge of human or animal life in health or in disease. The Administrators invite applications from individual Cambridge undergraduates for grants to enable them to study or assist in research within the subjects specified above for about eight weeks during the Long Vacation. They do this in the hope that experience of this kind may help undergraduates, as potential research workers, in their choice of subject at a later date. Applications for expeditions will rarely qualify. Some money may also be available to assist graduates with specific research projects of short duration. Application forms are available from the Senior Tutor's Assistant, King's College, Cambridge. The closing date for applications is 1 May. It is hoped to inform successful candidates by the end of May.'

Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarships

These Vacation Scholarships are intended to provide promising undergraduates with "hands-on" experience of research during the summer vacation and to encourage them to consider a career in research. Several Cambridge laboratories, particularly those in the biomedical sciences, may have one or more of these Scholarships to offer. Ask the Administrator of the appropriate Department.