Wing Yip Scholar: Ding Feng

MPhil Electrical Engineering 2005

Ding Feng - Wing Yip Scholar 2005

Senior Product Manager, Eaton Corp.

The Wing Yip Scholarship suited my background very well and I really appreciated what Mr Wing Yip has done for the Chinese community in the UK. I also got advice from Dr. Yuan Boping, who is Churchill Fellow. Thanks to him I became part of this scholarship. Although I only spent one and half year in Churchill, I will cherish this time in my whole life. Not only did I step forward in my subject but also, most importantly, I was embraced by the active yet friendly environment of Churchill College and became part of it. During my years back in China, there is not a single moment that I am not proud of being a Churchill and a Wing Yip Alumni.

I am currently living in Shanghai with my family. I travel a lot both for fun and for business.

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