Wing Yip Scholar: Weijia Wei

MPhil Architecture and Urban Studies

Weijia Wei sitting outside Churchill College on a wall
Weijia Wei sitting outside Churchill College.

Cambridge has been my dream school for a long time. And finally, this dream has come true! Here I have broadened my view, deepened my capacity of research and also enjoyed a rich life. The perfect academic atmosphere and long history of Cambridge is a priceless treasure to me as a major in architecture and urban planning. Every time I feel tired at work, I like to wander in the old colleges located in the city centre to feel the history carved in the stones, in West Cambridge to see those modern buildings and feel the spirit of science, in Parker’s piece and Jesus Green to join the enjoyable public lives, and also in the Fitzwilliam museum, where I am astonished by so many famous paintings and sculptures. The beautiful campus, rich culture and academic environment here all encourage me to improve.

Cambridge marketplace. PhotoL Weijia Wei
Cambridge marketplace.

It is a great honour for me to study in Churchill College for this year. For academics, Churchill College offers complete facilities and resources from which I really benefit a lot. The college library nearly meets all my academic needs. Good environment, sufficient books and computer room makes it much easier for students to do their study as well as digital work. Without all these benefits above, the distance between Churchill College and the Department of Architecture would surely make it inconvenient for my study. After this year, the College library has become the most beloved place of mine where I have spent most my time.

Weijia Wei in the Churchill College library
Weijia Wei in the Churchill College library.

Another important reason that I like Churchill College is because of the delicious food. Both the formal dinner and daily food are all balanced of nutrition and have a variety of ingredients. It is good for our health and always gives us surprises. Also, the location of the dining hall is very close to the main functional rooms, such as the accommodation and the library. So it will not cost too much time for me to have a quick dinner in the dining hall. This, undoubtedly, is a great advantage when I am involved in a busy review or a paper writing.

Christmas dining hall
Churchill College Dining Hall at Christmas.

Meanwhile, I have enjoyed a very colourful college life here. Apart from the formal dinners and Spring Ball, there are still diverse activities organized by MCR, where I made a lot of friends. It is very exciting to meet someone who shares similar interests with you, and also it is very interesting to meet others who come from different backgrounds and majors, thus I could learn more about what is happening in the world outside my own world. I really appreciate the good time here talking widely and deeply with my friends on different topics and issues and enriching my knowledge from that.

I am so grateful for all the stories above that I have experienced this whole academic year, and now I want to say a sincere thanks to Mr Wing Yip. It is his support that helps me to have such a meaningful life here. The scholarship reduced the burden of my family and helped me to join different activities without too much concern on the financial issue. Besides, I also have a plan to travel around the UK after my programme. There is a Chinese saying that goes ‘Read a thousand books and walk a thousand miles’. It means that travelling is also a significant approach to learn and knowledge is not only in books. It should also owe to Wing Yip’s offer and without this it is impossible for me to achieve so much.

I still want to thank the administration staff of the college. Every time I meet a kind porter, I feel like I’m back home and Rebecca would help me patiently on every tiny but troublesome problems of living. Whenever something is broken in my dormitory, Maintenance will come here very quickly and solve the problems. It is their help that guarantees me a convenient and happy life without any concern.

I love Churchill College and I love Cambridge!

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