Wing Yip Scholar: Yue Chen

MPhil Theoretical & Applied Linguistics

Yue Chen standing on a bridge over the River Cam
Yue Chen, Wing Yip Scholar.

During the past nine months, I have learnt systematic and state-of-art linguistic theories with a concentration on the field of computational linguistics. Among all the fields in computational linguistics, social media text has become the core interest in my studies. Now I am doing research on the normalisation issue of Chinese social media text (Weibo) from a statistical scale. During the process of surveying, thesis designing, data collection and statistical analysis, my academic ability has improved dramatically with the generous and patient guidance from my supervisor Dr Collier. With all the knowledge and resources that I have obtained, I hope to make some contributions to the normalisation work in Chinese social media text through this research.

Cambridge is a wonderful place for life developing. I have access to many insightful lectures and amazing displays both from college and from university. Also, the college system brings me more friends than I thought, with brainstorming and transdisciplinary communications happening all the time. The state-of-art academic works, convenient and comfortable facilities both from College and Department, as well as the beautiful and healthy environment in Cambridge all inspired me every now and then. It is a great honour to have an opportunity to study in Cambridge.

Yue Chen Wing Yip Scholar in the library
Yue Chen Wing Yip Scholar in the Churchill College library.

Therefore, I really appreciate Mr Wing Yip who generously supported me through this period. Not only are the study fees relatively higher than other places in Britain, but so are the living costs. Without Mr Wing Yip, I could never have had an opportunity to enjoy all the resources here. Besides, inspired by the generous help of Mr Wing Yip, I will not only spread the knowledge and experience I have obtained here back to China, but also learn from my eminent sponsor and work hard to enhance myself in order to help more people in the future just like Mr Wing Yip.

I will always be thankful and the experience here will be one of my most beautiful memories for life. 

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