Partners and Families at Churchill

”If you plan on coming to Cambridge with a partner and/or a family, Churchill is the right place for you. Being surrounded by like-minded people who have kids and can relate to your concerns as a young academic balancing research and family life goes a long way. Plus by the time you are through your tenure in Cambridge, you child will have been surrounded by peers from virtually every corner of the world and you are in the position to plan intercontinental play dates with the friends you made there.”

  • Roman, PhD student, Wolfson Flats

Bringing Partners / Families


Churchill College is a partner in the Wolfson Court nursery opposite the college, off Madingley Road. Churchill students and staff have a priority on places and so if you apply you should state your connection to the College. To see the nursery and discuss an application, please contact the Manager at

The University also has a nursery on the West Cambridge site and the waiting list for places is run by the University Childcare Office, where you can also get advice on pre-school and after-school childcare, applying for schools and other areas of support.

All support is means-tested. UK and EU students can apply to the Access for Learning Fund administered by the University for childcare support and overseas students can apply for pre- and after-school childcare to the Childcare Bursary Scheme, funded by the colleges and  administered by the University Childcare Office.

Forms are available from the College’s Postgraduate Office and will need to be counter-signed by your tutor. There is a requirement that the childcare provider, whether an individual or organisation, is officially registered and inspected.

Additional childcare and University childcare bursary information is available on the University and Graduate Union websites.