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All societies rely on their relationships with each other and on the physical environment. Increasingly these are fragile interdependencies presenting intellectual and practical challenges of the highest priority which are central to the problems of modern Geography.


The Cambridge Geography course is one of the most diverse undergraduate degrees. It emphasises the interactions between the human and physical sides of the discipline and consequently requires both breadth of ability and flexibility of approach. As an undergraduate geographer, you’d be encouraged to engage actively in the intellectual and practical challenges of the subject. During your first and second years, you’d be required to study both physical and human geography, but you can specialise in the third year if you wish.

Full course details are provided on the Department’s Prospective Undergraduates webpage and the University’s Undergraduate Study webpage.

Geography at Churchill

If you’re interested in both the human and physical sides of Geography, we’d encourage you to apply.

During your first year, supervisions would be organised by your Director of Studies. In your second and third years, supervisions would be organised by the Department. Churchill’s library is well stocked with a range of books for geographers, and the Department has its own library with an extensive holding of books and journals. With a lively and supportive community of geographers Churchill boasts an active society that holds regular talks and dinners.


To find out about admissions, go to undergraduate applications.


Entry Requirements

Course-specific information, including the University’s typical offers and the attainment level of the University’s typical entrants, is available by selecting your course from the University’s Course List then looking at the Entry Requirements tab. Academic offer conditions can vary by College so if you want to apply to Churchill then check out our entries in the by-College list of entry requirements that’s available on the same tab. The University’s Entrance Requirements and International Entry Requirements webpages may contain guidance relevant to you too.

You can learn more about the academic profiles of Churchill entrants and our approach to setting conditional offers on our undergraduate applications page.

Submitted Work

If you apply to Churchill, we’ll ask you to submit two examples of teacher-marked written work. These should be taken from your present or most recent studies, and should not be re-written or corrected for your Cambridge application. Ideally, each piece should be 1500 to 2000 words in length.


Admissions Assessment

Churchill does not use a written assessment in Geography.



The role of academic interviews in Churchill’s admissions process is explained on our interviews page. Our interviewers will be looking for evidence of enthusiasm for and a potential for aptitude in the subjects covered by the Geography Tripos. You will be given time to read an article beforehand, for discussion during your meeting.

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