Undergraduate offer holders 2024

The resources linked from this page are for our 2024 offer holders, to help guide you through the rest of our admissions process.

Please read these pages carefully. As in earlier stages of the admissions process, adhering to deadlines and engaging with necessary administration is really important.

If any of the personal and/or contact details that you have previously declared in UCAS have changed or change between now and the end of August, you should update them first in UCAS then email the Admissions Office to advise. These are the details we will eventually use to register you as a student so it’s vital that they remain up to date.

Email the Admissions Office


31 JULY 2024: Certificates for qualifications included in your conditional offer from Churchill College. We will receive A-Level, International Baccalaureate, SQA Highers and Advanced Highers, Irish Leaving Certificate, Welsh Baccalaureate, and STEP results directly from UCAS, so you do not need to supply evidence of these if they are part of your offer. For all other qualifications in your conditional offer, we need to receive scans or online copies of your certificates of achievement. This includes any IELTS or TOEFL conditions.

31 JULY 2024: Medicine students only (evidence of a satisfactory enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check). Guidance on how to complete this can be found here.

Past Deadlines

31 MARCH 2024: Financial Undertaking Form (details of your proposed financial arrangements in respect of your undergraduate studies). The form can be found within your offer letter.

30 JUNE 2024: UK Student Finance ‘University or College Payment Advice’ page (for students who are eligible and apply to UK Student Finance for fees and/or maintenance support). Guidance on how to submit this page can be found here.

30 JUNE 2024: Certificates for already completed academic qualifications referred to in your UCAS application, e.g., GCSEs, SQA Highers, A Levels, STEP, etc. Guidance on how to submit these certificates can be found here. If you previously submitted a high school transcript as part of your Cambridge application, you do not need to resubmit your high school transcript to us.

Health, Learning, and Wellbeing

If you have any needs relating to health, learning, or wellbeing, we want to work with you now to make sure they’re addressed from the moment you arrive. Full disclosure to appropriate staff as soon as possible is therefore very important, so any necessary arrangements can be made in a timely fashion.

Health matters should be reported to the College Nurse, whereas issues relating to wellbeing can be discussed with Louise Ranger, our Wellbeing Coordinator. If you have support or access needs – ranging from specific learning difficulties, like dyslexia and ADHD, through to requirements arising from medical circumstances – please complete an Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) “Student Information Form” immediately, even if you’ve not declared these previously. Prompt engagement with the ADRC is especially important if you have received support and/or adjustments at school or college which you hope will continue at university, since the ADRC will work with us and your Department or Faculty to provide you with the most suitable arrangements.

Finally, if you’re uncertain or have any questions at all, please email our Tutorial Office for advice and guidance.

Financial Information

All the information you require about student finances can be found in our Student Handbook.

Student Handbook

Student Finance Office

If you have any questions, you can contact our Student Finance Office by email or phone, +44 (0)1223 336185.

Email the Student Finance Office


UK freshers are expected to come into residence on Saturday 5th October and to be here by 3pm at the latest on that day.

International freshers may arrive any time from Saturday 28th September, although they are not guaranteed to be able to go into their own room until 5th October.

Maths freshers are expected to attend a Maths pre-sessional, which starts on Wednesday 2nd October. Maths freshers should plan to arrive on Tuesday 1st October, or from the weekend before if they need to.

View the University term dates to see when the 2024 academic year starts at Cambridge.

Choosing accommodation

General information about residential rooms at Churchill can be found at our our undergraduate accommodation page.

To express your preference for a particular room type during your first year, we’ll open an online survey in June. This will give you basic information about available room types and rents, and ask you to express a preference for particular room types. We will then use your responses in September to allocate your first-year room. To be clear, we don’t allocate rooms to anyone until we know exactly who is going to join us, following the conclusion of the annual UCAS process at the end of August.

For information, we do not have sufficient ensuite rooms for all first years so priority is given to those who require ensuite for medical reasons, etc. After these, ensuites are allocated randomly to students who express a preference for one. Medical details (and supporting evidence) that are relevant to room allocations, like preferred room types, are captured in our online survey mentioned above, so there’s no need to contact us about these beforehand. All rooms that are not ensuite have a hand basin and typically share bathroom / toilet facilities between 4-6 students.

All residential rooms at Churchill are private, whether ensuite or not. You will not have to share your room. First year students (Freshers) are usually accommodated together so you’ll be close to other Freshers, whichever room you’re allocated to. You’ll have access to snack kitchens (typically shared between 4-14 students), in which there are communal fridges. You can rent a small fridge for your room if you wish.

Churchill provides accommodation for at least 30 weeks per year. You’ll pay termly, normally for a minimum of 10 weeks per term – known as “Periods of Residence” or POR. If you want or need to stay in College outside of the POR then you will be asked to apply once you’re here by using an online form. Residence outside of term will likely be in a different room from your term-time room and may be charged at a different rent rate.

Assuming you are not going to stay in residence outside of term, you will need to pack up and take away your personal effects during each vacation. College has very limited space to store items between terms and this is prioritised for students who need it most, e.g., those who live a long way away. Therefore, you should only bring to College things that you really need. On rare occasions, bringing excessive belongings can sometimes result in items being abandoned.

If after reading this you still have questions about Churchill accommodation, please email the Tutorial Office.

Email the Tutorial Office


Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding rooms which are not ensuite, what facilities are shared?

  • Bathroom toilets are shared.
  • Showers are shared. Shower rooms are separate from bathroom toilet rooms.
  • All bedrooms have their own hand basins.

I understand accommodation is termly and for 30 weeks a year. Is this a fixed rental period or is it possible to rent for longer?

  • Payment at the agreed rate per week must normally be made for a minimum of 10 weeks in any termly Period of Residence.
  • If you need to stay in College accommodation outside of the term, you must apply in advance using an online form and you may be charged at different rates from your term-time rate. You could be moved to a different room if staying in College outside of term.

Is there anywhere to store belongings between terms?

  • Arriving students should only bring to College accommodation items which they need.
  • All bedrooms contain a small lockable cupboard, where students can securely store small belongings between terms.
  • Trunk rooms are available for overseas students to store belongings between terms.


During the final months of our admissions process, we regularly circulate information that’ll be relevant to some or all of you. We know it’s easy for emails to get lost so we’ll upload this content here too, so you can always come here to check back through it.

Information shared here will include things like:

  • Churchill’s Virtual Freshers’ Pack (due to be published in September 2024)
  • Churchill Reading Lists for freshers matriculating in October 2024