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Chemical Engineering Introductory Reading Lists

Incoming Freshers 

Depending on whether you are studying Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences, or via Engineering, please refer to the Natural Sciences or Engineering reading lists respectively. 

The following books on Chemical Engineering may be of interest to you, but they are usually recommended to students end of their first year

This book is fairly short (227 pages) and is easy to read. It describes the discipline and gives examples of the different types of calculations that are performed by chemical engineers. Don't be put off by the use of old-fashioned American units throughout the book. The book should be available in your College Library, possibly under its former title namely Introduction to Chemical Process Fundamentals & Design.

This book has similar aims to the above book. It describes the discipline well and gives examples of applications of chemical engineering, including mathematical analysis of them. This makes it less user-friendly as an introduction then the above book, but it is still worth a look. It's not too long (about 250 pages).



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