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Computer Science introductory reading

Students expecting to read Computer Science at Churchill College are required to complete some light preparatory reading before arriving in  Cambridge. The texts below are all readily available, in-print, and  available from most city and town libraries in the UK but if you have  trouble getting hold of any, please email the Director of Studies — John Fawcett, for advice on suitable alternatives.

Email John Fawcett

Students should read at least two of these texts and will be significantly advantaged by reading a third or all four if time  permits. They are listed in order of merit to a typical student taking Computer Science but preferring a mathematical approach, or wishing to bolster their maths before starting in Cambridge, will find the fourth book interesting and useful.

It is not necessary to  purchase any of these texts: although each is a very useful reference throughout the first year of the Computer Science Tripos, the College  and department libraries are well stocked with plenty of copies.

Real World OCaml: Functional programming for the masses (O'Reilly Media) Yaron Minsky, Anil Madhavapeddy & Jason Hickey Amazon (paperback) and online
Operating systems concepts. Wiley (9th ed.). All of Silberschatz, A., Peterson, J.L. & Galvin, P.C. (2008) Amazon
Introduction to Algorithms (part one) MIT Press (3rd ed.) Cormen, T.H., Leiserson, C.D., Rivest, R.L. & Stein, C. (2001) Amazon
Sets, functions, and logic: an introduction to abstract mathematics. Chapman and Hall/CRC Mathematics (3rd ed.). Devlin, K. (2003). Amazon


If you are unable to get hold of a copy of one of these books in your country, then the following are good substitutes.

The New Turing Omnibus (Palgrave Macmillan) A. K. Dewdney Amazon
Operating Systems: Concurrent and Distributed Software Design Jean Bacon & Dr Tim Harris Amazon
How to think like a Mathematician (Cambridge University Press) Kevin Houston Amazon

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