Students arrive

  • College Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth II
  • College becomes an Approved Foundation of the University
  • First students admitted, all postgraduates, numbering 25
  • Building commences: the Sheppard Flats
  • Rattee & Kett appointed contractors to build remainder of the College
  • First College studentship awarded: Lu Jeu Sham, later physics professor

On 3 August 1960 the College received a Royal Charter and in October admitted its first students: two dozen postgraduates of a dozen nationalities. The first buildings (the Sheppard Flats) commenced in 1960, but it would be four years until the Dining Hall was inaugurated, marking the College’s official opening.

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  • John Haines G60 says:

    I came from a fairly traditional British background, but we had North Americans, and a New Zealander, we had people from different parts of the world, a Dutchman, at a certain stage as well, we had two Africans. So, we had the opportunity to bring different cultures together and have an impact on a new college and the way it would evolve.