Alumni Groups

As Churchillians, our students remain an active part of our College community even after they’ve graduated. Our alumni groups allow you to get involved and share memories and opportunities around the world.

All alumni are members of the Churchill College Association, which affords the opportunity for Churchillians to maintain links with The College and each other. The Association organises a number of events throughout the year, and welcomes volunteers as year group reps and decade reps. In addition, the Association Committee and the Alumni & Development Office organise both regional alumni groups and common interest groups. These are wonderful opportunities to connect with other alumni in your area and who share your interests.

Regional Alumni Groups

Our regional alumni groups are a way for Churchill alumni around the world to contact and connect with each other and the College. The Alumni Office works closely with leaders of alumni groups to keep them informed of local College and University events.

If you are interested in getting involved, or would like to set up a group in your area please contact us.

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Churchill College Group of Australia and New Zealand

President (based in New South Wales): Mr David Anthony G10

China Alumni Group

President (based in Shanghai): Mr Jason Qian G03

Hong Kong Alumni Group

President: Dr Ka Keung Chan G86

India Alumni Group

President (based in Bihar): Professor Ajay Pratap G82

New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Alumni Group

President (based in New Jersey): Dr Kit Cheung G00

The Churchill BIFS (Belgium, Italy, France and Switzerland)

President (based in France): Mr Bob Bell U65

Germany Alumni Group

President: Professor Dr Christa Jansohn

President: Dr Antje Clasen U89

Norway Alumni Group

President: Dr Rasmus Bertelsen G02

Kent Alumni Group

President: Ms Rosie Johnston U73

Oxford Alumni Group

President: Dr Cathy Elliott U73

Common Interest Groups

Our common interest groups include rowing, golf and rugby, creative writing, and visits with Churchill Connections.

Groups like this are a great way to keep in touch with each other and the College. If you like to join us or set one up, please get in touch.

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Churchill writers writing

Churchill College Boat Club

The Churchill College Boat Club was founded in 1961 and is open to all members of the College.  It emphasises the social aspect of rowing as much as the physical side – members can row as much or as little as they want and are invited to events throughout the year.

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Writing Group

Alumna Rosie Johnston U73, novelist, poet and journalist, has been writing since 1992 and leads the writing group at Churchill College.  The Churchill Writers usually meet either online or in the Churchill College Club Room on the middle four Saturdays of each term from 3:30pm – 5:30pm. The sessions offer the opportunity to write in a safe, positive environment, either for yourself or with the intent of publishing. Everyone who has a Churchill College connection of any kind is welcome and the group sessions are free of charge.

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