High Table

As a member of Churchill you can dine up to four times a year at High Table, subsidised by the College. You may also use your dining rights to bring a guest. You may bring a maximum of one guest per visit, except in exceptional circumstances and with the permission of the President of the SCR.


Bookings for places at High Table can be made online and must be made up to 48 hours before the day of dining.

Please Note: Online bookings are provisional only — a member of the Alumni Office will be in touch to confirm your place.or let you know if it has been cancelled due to insufficient diners or other events.

Summer vacation period: The High Table booking system for alumni is not running during the summer vacation, as High Table cannot be guaranteed during this period. However, should you wish to dine at High Table with a Fellow, please do contact them directly.

Dietary requirements: Please note that fish may be served as a starter or main course. If you are vegetarian, please also indicate whether or not you eat fish.

To assist those Fellows dining with you we ask that you provide us with details of your current position and organisation. This information will be published on the SCR website.


The cost of your meal is covered by the College as a benefit to its alumni. If you are in a position to donate, please consider doing so.

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